A Total War Saga: TROY Announcement Trailer

The official announcement of a new Total War game is here.

In a shock to nobody, the leak that came out literally just yesterday has been proven to be true. Everybody pretend to be shocked! A reveal trailer is out today for A Total War Saga: TROY. I believe the only thing that was incorrect in the early leak was the order of the words in the game's title.

This new entry in the Total War franchise takes inspiration from Homer's Iliad. As such, you can expect there to be a big emphasis on the Trojan War and a big emphasis on time-appropriate features, roles, weapons, and...

Rockstar Now Has Their Own PC Games Launcher

Get GTA: San Andreas for free if you use it.

Rockstar now has their own game launcher on the PC. The development studio quietly released this new launcher a short time ago today. They are attempting to entice users to download and use the installer by giving away a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a limited time.

Interesting enough, the Rockstar Games Launcher includes some features that took other launchers a little bit of time to add after release. This launcher includes cloud save support, a shop, and automatic updates. The prices on the store seem to...

Watch Almost an Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay

A lot of gameplay footage that may finally provide a lot of answers.

The marketing for the Kojima Productions game, Death Stranding, has left consumers with more questions than answers. It's a game from the mind of Hideo Kojima, so of course the marketing was going to be odd. The problem was, there are a lot of people that just have no idea about what the game was even about even after the numerous trailers.

Maybe sitting down and watching 50 minutes of gameplay will help clear up that confusion. If that doesn't work, then maybe a breakdown of the gameplay footage from...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

The trailer is at the bottom after these boring words.

Square Enix showed off an all new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake this week at the Tokyo Game Show. The new trailer offers a fresh look at gameplay, the slums of Midgar, and a peak at the mini-games and summons. Midgar is home to the Shinra Electric Power Company. This kind of totally evil company is in conflict with Avalanche, a resistance group fighting to keep their planet alive. You will also get your first look at some of the Shinra operatives known as The Turks.

Square Enix also included their new artwork...

Cube World is Coming to Steam

Let me take you back to the year 2013...

In 2013, a little game called Cube World came out in an "alpha" release. It was a cute, stylized adventure-RPG that offered a ton of freedom, battles, exploration, and more. A big appeal of the alpha was being able to have all of these adventures with your friends in one world. To its credit, the limited content of the alpha was quite enjoyable but the promise of bigger and better was always just around the corner. The problem came when it was just never updated! Eventually the developer went dark.

We would sometimes...
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  • Hellblade Dev Diary - Movement & Control

    Hellblade Dev Diary - Movement & Control

    A new developer diary for Hellblade came out today that takes a look at the movement and control players will have command over in the game....
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  • The Witness is Being Heavily Pirated Claims Creator

    The Witness is Being Heavily Pirated Claims Creator

    Jonathan Blow made some comments on Twitter (via earlier that finds the Indie developer questioning his future in the industry. The culprit is once again the industry boogeyman, piracy.
    It seems The Witness is the #1 game on a certain popular torrent site. Unfortunately this will not help us afford to make another game!

    I'm glad that a lot more people will be experiencing the game! But I also want to be able to make another comparable game next! Just sayin'.
    Blow also mentioned how he doesn't really like to use DRM, but he is considering it for the future. To his and the game's credit, ...
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  • New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots and Concept Art

    New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots and Concept Art

    Some new screenshots and concept art came out this week for Dark Souls 3. Enjoy!

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  • GOG Introduces Early Access Program with a Twist

    GOG Introduces Early Access Program with a Twist announced their own early access program today for a variety of games. Unlike the games commonly offered through Steam Early Access, the ones from GOG will be more carefully vetted before being sold.

    GOG promises that these "games in development" will be hand-picked and will offer no questions asked on refund requests.
    "Our goal has always been to offer a selection of titles that are both excellent and worth your time. Nowadays, we're seeing more games that are already great experiences while still in development," says Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director. "We want all gamers on to have access to what these titles have to offer, but we want to get it right, carefully
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  • Dungeon Defenders II Ascension Update Hits PS4

    Dungeon Defenders II Ascension Update Hits PS4

    The Ascension Update for Dungeon Defenders II has been released on the PlayStation 4 version of the game.
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  • GTA Online - Drop Zone Mode, Cars, and Fixes Added in Latest Update

    GTA Online - Drop Zone Mode, Cars, and Fixes Added in Latest Update

    A new update rolled out today for GTA Online. This update adds in a new game mode, Drop Zone, two new cars, and added in a bunch of fixes courtesy of the 1.32 title update for all platforms.
    Freefall your way into Drop Zone, the latest addition to GTA Online on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In this new Adversary Mode, teams of paratroopers jump from Cargobobs hovering high above, then race to the ground to seize and maintain control of a small, exposed patch of terra firma. No man is an island here - you and your squad mates will need to attack and defend as a unit. With four teams and up to 16 players zeroed in on the target area, this
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  • Volition Releases Unfinished, Unreleased PSP Game Saints Row: Undercover for Free

    Volition just got done showing off their unreleased PSP game, Saints Row: Undercover, via their Twitch channel. It's unfinished, broken, and was left in an early state of development that most end consumers cannot even comprehend. Even still, it was awesome to see a game that most of the world didn't even know about.

    This lost gaming relic was certainly cool enough to see but how would you like to play it for yourself? Well, you can. Volition and Unseen64 have teamed up to release the Saints Row: Undercover PSP prototype ISO for free. You can find download mirrors at the Unseen64 site. To play the game, you w...
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  • Thieves Guild DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online - New Details, Trailer, and Screens

    Bethesda released some new information and media today for the Thieves Guild DLC coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

    The launch of the Thieves Guild is coming March 7 on the PC and Mac, March 22 on the Xbox One, and March 23 on the PlayStation 4. The Thieves Guild will be "free" if you have an active ESO Plus membership or you can spend 2,000 crowns via the ESO Crown Store.
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  • SNOW Now a Free-to-Play Open Beta on Steam

    SNOW Now a Free-to-Play Open Beta on Steam

    The open world Winter sports game, SNOW, is now available as a free-to-play open beta through Steam.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider - Now Available on PC

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Now Available on PC

    Good news, everybody (except PS4 owners)! Rise of the Tomb Raider is now available for the PC. You can purchase it through Steam, Amazon, the Square Enix e-store, or the Windows Store. Yes, even the Windows Store has it.

    Don't forget that high RAM requirement! The Windows Store is currently sitting at 14 reviews all at 5-stars. Steam is nearing 400 reviews and is sitting at "Very Positive." Apparently, it's a pretty good game.
    After uncovering an ancient mystery, Lara must explore the most treacherous and remote regions of Siberia to find the secret of immortality before a ruthless organization
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  • 2K and WWE to Make Sweet Music Together for Many More Years

    2K and WWE to Make Sweet Music Together for Many More Years

    Today, 2K and WWE announced an extension to their contract that will see 2K developing WWE titles until at least uh... huh. Well, it seems as though this press release doesn't actually say how long the contract has been extended for outside of it being a "multi-year extension." I'm going to guess it's around three years.
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