Rockstar Now Has Their Own PC Games Launcher

Get GTA: San Andreas for free if you use it.

Rockstar now has their own game launcher on the PC. The development studio quietly released this new launcher a short time ago today. They are attempting to entice users to download and use the installer by giving away a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a limited time.

Interesting enough, the Rockstar Games Launcher includes some features that took other launchers a little bit of time to add after release. This launcher includes cloud save support, a shop, and automatic updates. The prices on the store seem to...

Watch Almost an Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay

A lot of gameplay footage that may finally provide a lot of answers.

The marketing for the Kojima Productions game, Death Stranding, has left consumers with more questions than answers. It's a game from the mind of Hideo Kojima, so of course the marketing was going to be odd. The problem was, there are a lot of people that just have no idea about what the game was even about even after the numerous trailers.

Maybe sitting down and watching 50 minutes of gameplay will help clear up that confusion. If that doesn't work, then maybe a breakdown of the gameplay footage from...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

The trailer is at the bottom after these boring words.

Square Enix showed off an all new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake this week at the Tokyo Game Show. The new trailer offers a fresh look at gameplay, the slums of Midgar, and a peak at the mini-games and summons. Midgar is home to the Shinra Electric Power Company. This kind of totally evil company is in conflict with Avalanche, a resistance group fighting to keep their planet alive. You will also get your first look at some of the Shinra operatives known as The Turks.

Square Enix also included their new artwork...

Cube World is Coming to Steam

Let me take you back to the year 2013...

In 2013, a little game called Cube World came out in an "alpha" release. It was a cute, stylized adventure-RPG that offered a ton of freedom, battles, exploration, and more. A big appeal of the alpha was being able to have all of these adventures with your friends in one world. To its credit, the limited content of the alpha was quite enjoyable but the promise of bigger and better was always just around the corner. The problem came when it was just never updated! Eventually the developer went dark.

We would sometimes...

First Super NES Games Announced for Switch

The initial list of 20 arrives on September 5 and they will be free*.

Starting tomorrow, September 5, Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to purchase, download, and play some of their favorite Super NES games. Granted, the initial list is limited to just 20 titles, but it's 20 more than you have right now to choose from. These SNES releases will be free to everyone that has a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Nintendo says that all of the titles, seen below, will be playable online using Nintendo Switch Online. This includes multiplayer in some of the titles....
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  • New Battlefield 1 Trailer Coming June 12

    New Battlefield 1 Trailer Coming June 12

    The Battlefield Twitter let us know that there will be a new trailer for Battlefield 1 coming on June 12....
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  • 50 New Games Added to PlayStation Now

    50 New Games Added to PlayStation Now

    Sony added 50 new games to the PlayStation Now lineup today. Games added include BioShock Infinite, The Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line, and more.
    Play new additions from 2KBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel Launch into
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed Until February 28, 2017 Plus New Trailer

    Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed Until February 28, 2017 Plus New Trailer

    It's time for good news, bad news today when it comes to Horizon Zero Dawn. The good news is that there's a new trailer to check out! The bad news is that the game has been pushed back until February 28, 2017.
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  • D-Day Content Update for Heroes of the West Adds Two New Maps

    D-Day Content Update for Heroes of the West Adds Two New Maps

    New content has hit Heroes of the West, the free Red Orchestra 2 mod. The "D-Day" content update coincides with the 72nd anniversary of the invasion of Normandy from Allied forces.
    The update introduces 2 new maps, the first being a combined arms map featuring the British in a grueling fight to break out from the Normandy beachhead in summer 1944. The map, Caen Outskirts, introduces the British Bren Carrier troop transport.

    The other map, Hill 400, recreates the bitter fighting in the winter of 1944 with the 2d Ranger Battalion struggling against Axis forces in the Hurtgen Forest.
    In addition to this news, a free update also came o...
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  • Tales of Link and Brave Frontier Crossover Event

    Tales of Link and Brave Frontier Crossover Event

    Bandai Namco passed along word that there will be a time limited crossover event between the F2P mobile game, Tales of Link, and the mobile RPG, Brave Frontier, from now until June 26.
    Players from both game series will be able to earn awesome in-game items, meet legendary characters and face off against familiar monsters from the other game universe. During the three week crossover event, TALES OF LINK and Brave Frontier players can unlock sets of rich prizes, including dozens of Hero Stones and powerful new five-star heroes. Character crossovers will also take place during the event as Vargas, the most iconic character in Brave Fr
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  • Final Fantasy XII Remaster Coming to PS4 in 2017

    Final Fantasy XII Remaster Coming to PS4 in 2017

    Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age today for the PlayStation 4. This update for the original FF12 can be considered a remaster of the game that brings the Zodiac Job System from the original's international release to the global market along with a laundry list of other improvements for the PS4.
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  • Month in Review May 2016 - Dark Souls 3, Overwatch, Battleborn, Uncharted 4, and Doom

    Welcome back one and all to another installment of the not quite regular "Week in Review" feature here at Total Gaming Network. This week month we have a couple of big game reviews for you to feast your eyes upon. The first is for none other than Dark Souls III, or Dark Souls 3 as I will probably type it out for the rest of this post. After that we have Battleborn, or Battleborn as I will type it out for the rest of this post. That's not even mentioning DOOM, Uncharted 4, and Overwatch!

    Hopefully everyone is okay with this being incredibly late. I've just been quite busy this past month with some "IRL" things. I'm also still trying to figure out how or why people can be so incredibly cruel. It's still a mystery. Without diving into all of that, I will say that my sleep schedule has been even more screwed up than normal. It's starting to get back on track, just in time for it to get screwed up again with E3 in a week.

    On the plus side, these past couple of months have seen some amazing games released.

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  • Allison Road Cancelled

    Allison Road Cancelled

    Allison Road, the game that aimed to give the world an experience similar to the much-beloved P.T. and Silent Hills, has been cancelled. The team sent out a tweet last night that doesn't provide much in the way of explanation but does offer up an apology to their fans.
    Hi all. Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled. Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for all your support and very sad it came 2 this
    Allison Road had a fairly successful Kickstarter campaign this past September that was cancelled when the game was picked up by publisher Team17. Since then, there has been very little in the way of news. ...
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  • Minecraft Surpasses 100 Million Units Sold

    Minecraft Surpasses 100 Million Units Sold

    Mojang announced yesterday that they have now surpassed 100 million units sold across all platforms around the world.

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  • Valve Offering 30% Discount on the Steam Controller as Sales Surpass 500,000 Units Sold

    Yesterday, Valve put up a new blog entry detailing some of the new features that have been added to the Steam Controller in recent weeks. In doing so, they also revealed that over 500,000 Controllers have been sold.

    Some of the latest features are also pretty nifty, including the fact that more and more games are supporting the Steam Controller right at launch and that you can edit your Steam Controller configurations without having to pop into Big Picture Mode.
    Play more new games out of the box
    Developers are now fine-tuning their games to work great with the Steam Controller at launch. Recent examples include DOOM, XCOM 2 and Dark Souls III, and more are coming soon.

    Same experience from desktop to couch
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  • Further Adventure sin Finance and Felony Trailer for GTA Online

    Further Adventure sin Finance and Felony Trailer for GTA Online

    Rockstar Games released a new trailer today for the upcoming (June 7) update for GTA Online. The "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" will be free and allow players to "build an empire as a CEO" alongside being able to "traffic illicit cargo and contraband, disrupt rival supply chains, acquire extravagant new vehicles, open prestigious new offices, hire an executive assistant, and run the town."

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