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CD Projekt RED Entices Xbox One Owners with a Free Cyberpunk Upgrade

How does a free upgrade to next-gen sound?

On February 24, 2020, Microsoft outlined some of their features and plans for their next-generation Xbox. That platform, currently online known as the Xbox Series X, will have a very welcome feature that has, so far, not been announced by other platforms yet.

Microsoft is calling it "Smart Delivery." This new initiative by Microsoft will ensure that every single one of their Xbox Game Studios titles will only need to...

Metro Exodus is Back on Steam and at 40% Off

525,600 minutes...

Last night, perhaps when you were snuggled up under your blankets, a little miracle happened. It was in the midnight hour (ET) when Metro Exodus returned to being sold on Steam. Normally, this isn't quite the monumental occasion, but it certainly is in the case of Metro Exodus.

It was Metro Exodus that really kicked off the season of the Epic Games Store exclusive. This was a period in which a fair number of games that were slated to be released on Steam,...

Geoff Keighley to Skip E3 for First Time as Troubles Mount for Dying Trade Show

This comes the same day the exhibitor list was leaked.

Geoff Keighley, creator of The Game Awards, revealed today that he will not be attending E3 2020. His decision to not attend this year's event will mark the first time in 25 years that the industry veteran will not be in attendance. It also means that he will not host the annual E3 Coliseum show. This was a regular event where Keighley would host a series of game developers in a rather informal Q&A, allowing them to talk freely...

The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion Confirmed

A dangling plot thread from the first game is finally going somewhere.

Ubisoft has officially announced the Warlords of New York expansion today for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (affiliate link btw) after details about it leaked yesterday evening. We now know for certain that this expansion launches on March 3. We also know for certain that players are returning to New York, specifically four new named zones in Lower Manhattan.

In today's announcement, Ubisoft confirmed...

Anthem is Finally Getting a Massive Overhaul

BioWare officially announces their plans to make major changes.

Anthem as it currently exists is hanging on by the most tenuous of threads. Despite apparently being one of 2019's top selling titles, at least according to data shared by The NPD Group, the player base is next to non-existent. It would take a significant amount of work to get players interested in the game once again, which is apparently what BioWare has been working on behind the scenes for a little while now.
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  • Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization- Released on PS4 and Vita

    Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization- Released on PS4 and Vita

    Bandai Namco released Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization- today in the Americas for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita for $59.99 (USD; $39.99 for Vita). And who says that Vita isn't still getting games?
    Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization- transports players into a simulated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called Sword Art: Origins, complete with MMORPG-like quests, combat, and overall game structure. The characters that players meet in the game
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  • Tron comes to GTA Online Today

    Tron comes to GTA Online Today

    If you ever played GTA Online and thought, "man, I sure wish this game was more like Tron," then I have some good news for you. Today's new "Deadline" update includes a very Tron-like game mode complete with Tron-like motorcycles, light walls, and destruction.
    NEW VEHICLE: NAGASAKI SHOTARO Light up the night with the blazingly fast Nagasaki Shotaro. Packed with enough energy to power the Los Santos grid and sporting the looks of an auto-show concept vehicle, the Shotaro delivers a dri
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  • Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO Coming from Mobile Strike Developer

    Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO Coming from Mobile Strike Developer

    Mobile Strike developer (that game you've probably seen ads for that star Arnold Schwarzenegger), Machine Zone, has the dubious task of developing a mobile MMO game set in Final Fantasy XV. Yes, a Final Fantasy XV mobile MMO.
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  • Overwatch PTR Updated with Sombra, Arcade, Ecopoint Map, and More

    Overwatch PTR Updated with Sombra, Arcade, Ecopoint Map, and More

    The PTR for Overwatch was updated today with some long awaited additions. The biggest of which is probably the new character, Sombra. This PTR also adds in the Arcade mode, the arena map Ecopoint: Antarctica, and more.

    The full list of changes can be found below or at the Blizzard website.
    New Hero: Sombra (Offense) One of the world's most notorious hackers is stepping out of the shadows: Sombra, a mysterious infiltrator who uses information to co
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Details from Game Informer

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Details from Game Informer

    The latest issue of Game Informer is starting to appear in the hands of subscribers and information has already made its way onto the Internet. Thankfully, the denizens of the Internet have compiled the details into a handy list. This particular list comes courtesy of NeoGAF.

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  • Mass Effect 2 and 3 Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility Today

    Mass Effect 2 and 3 Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility Today

    Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 can now be played on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Mass Effect 2 is 13.2GB and Mass Effect 3 is 15.6GB.

    In addition, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 have been added to the EA Vault. Meaning that those with the EA Access subscription service can download these games.

    (via MajorNelson)...
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  • Bingo is Back: 5 Top Tips for Online Bingo Players

    Bingo is Back: 5 Top Tips for Online Bingo Players

    Bingo is a popular pastime for millions of people and with the game now available on a range of platforms and devices its appeal continues to grow. Many fans of the game are regular users and have become advanced players, while yet many others are still learning the ropes. But for both groups there is still no substitute for quality tips that can help them gain an advantage in the game. The game of Bingo is largely based on random chance but there are some tips and tricks that advanced...
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  • Another Mass Effect: Andromeda Cinematic Trailer Released with No Actual Gameplay

    Hey, guess what? It's N7 day today! November 7 is a pretty exciting time for Mass Effect fans and today is probably no exception. Moments ago, BioWare revealed their new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda!

    Only, the trailer is yet another cinematic one. That means that there is no actual gameplay shown off. Yeah see, for that? For that you'll apparently have to wait another month or so. There's supposedly going to be more shown off at The Game Awards.

    Oh jo...
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  • Turtle Rock Releases "Lost" Left 4 Dead Campaign

    Turtle Rock Releases "Lost" Left 4 Dead Campaign

    Turtle Rock Studios have released a "lost" Left 4 Dead campaign that never saw the light of day. Dam It is an incomplete campaign in almost every way but it is still playable.
    Just finished putting the Dam campaign that we streamed a while back into a L4D addon. It's gray box, and some code features are missing but it's playable from beginning to end. It also includes two standalone survival maps that never shipped.
    "Gray box" means that it's largely untextured and obviously i...
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  • Through the Woods Review

    Through the Woods Review

    It's Ragnarök and everyone's invited. Through the Woods by developer Antagonist is a third-person horror game based on Norse mythology. We're talking about a game that includes giant trolls, the wolf brothers of Sköll and Hati, Fenrir, Hel, and more from Norse mythology that most people probably aren't too familiar with. I know I wasn't too familiar with most of it prior to playing this game, but thankfully a number of encounters, collectibles, and letters helped to explain this mythology while...
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  • Infamous Second Son and First Light PS4 Pro Improvements Revealed

    Infamous Second Son and First Light PS4 Pro Improvements Revealed

    The improvements coming to both Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light as part of the update for the PlayStation 4 Pro have been revealed. The obvious "tl;dr" here is the addition of HDR and 4K resolution to these games. Let's see what exactly this all means.
    First up is HDR. When we re-worked our engine to create Infamous Second Son for the PS4, we had a strict focus on realistic lighting and exposure. We wanted the art direction and tech to reflect realism in a way that immerses
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