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Ubisoft Pulls Licenses for The Crew, Makes the Game Completely Inaccessible to Buyers

From the same company trying to sell you a $130 version of Star Wars Outlaws.

From announcing a $130 edition of Star Wars Outlaws to pulling game licenses from those that bought The Crew, Ubisoft sure is on a roll this week.

The Crew was Ubisoft's open-world racing game that was pulled from sale back in December 2023. As of March 31, 2024, Ubisoft shut down the online servers for The Crew. This effectively made the game unplayable across all platforms, including: PC,...

Tim Sweeney Called Valve 'Assholes' in Email to Gabe Newell, Valve COO Says 'You Mad Bro?'

Tim Sweeney is always mad.

The antitrust lawsuit against Valve from Wolfire Games got a little spicy this week. To quickly get you up to speed: Wolfire claims that Valve uses its position with Steam to control game prices and muscle out competition. Though the initial lawsuit against Valve was dismissed, Wolfire amended their suit in May 2022 and the legal battle was back on.

It may have taken almost two years, but we are now starting to see some of the documents that...

900 People Laid Off Across Multiple PlayStation Studios

Multiple studios across all SIE regions impacted.

Sony just laid off about 900 people across multiple PlayStation studios around the world. These 900 or so laid off employees account for roughly 8% of the total workforce for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, announced the layoffs to the public today. The public statement came after an email was sent to all employees informing them of the layoffs. From Ryan's...

Xbox Confirms PlayStation 5 Releases, Diablo 4 on Game Pass, and Future Hardware Plans

No, Starfield and Indiana Jones are not going multi-platform any time soon.

The heads of Xbox stayed true to their word and were indeed a part of a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast. During today's pre-recorded podcast and subsequent blog post, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that four Xbox exclusives are going to be multi-platform releases. Is it Starfield? Indiana Jones? Gears of War? Halo?! No, no, no, and no. Though Spencer did not specify what those four titles ...

Embracer Lays Off 97 Employees from Eidos; Cancels New Deus Ex

Embracer's rampage continues.

Eidos-Montreal, a development studio currently under the Embracer umbrella, made the sad announcement that employees at the studio were being laid off. Eidos took to social media to confirm that 97 people have been let go "from development teams, administration, and support services".

The studio says that "global economic context, the challenges of our industry, and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have...
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  • The Elder Scrolls 6 Coming 2026 at Earliest but Not to PlayStation

    The Elder Scrolls 6 Coming 2026 at Earliest but Not to PlayStation

    The reveal comes from Microsoft themselves.

    The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be coming any time soon, according to Microsoft's own documents. Not only the next Elder Scrolls title still several years away, it looks like it won't be headed to the PlayStation 5 (or whatever PlayStation is out at the time of release).

    These new details come from Microsoft's own documents that were filed as part of the legal battle between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft concerning...
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  • Gas Station Simulator Goes Tropical with Tidal Wave DLC

    Gas Station Simulator Goes Tropical with Tidal Wave DLC

    Get ready for ocean breezes, scuba diving, sharks, and appeasing the gods.
    Gas Station Simulator is one of those sleeper hits that seems to be well received with an ever-growing fanbase. Today, DRAGO entertainment announced the new Tidal Wave DLC that will hit Gas Station Simulator in 2024.

    Tidal Wave doesn't have a price attached to it yet. When it releases, Tidal Wave will task players with appeasing the temperamental god, Chunchumanchu, by leaving offerings...
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  • RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

    RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

    A solid sounding headset with dual-mode wireless, but what's the catch?

    The RIG 600 PRO HS is a wireless gaming headset that offers excellent sound quality, comfort, and features at an affordable price. Though the HS model is geared mainly towards use with the PlayStation platform, it is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The RIG 600 PRO HS features dual-mode wireless connectivity, so you can use it with either the included USB-C dongle for 2.4GHz wireless or Bl...
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  • Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC Coming September 21

    Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC Coming September 21

    A free update for The Mercenaries also arrives on the 21st.

    Capcom revealed that the Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 will release on September 21, 2023. This DLC takes you on an alternate path through many of the events of Resident Evil 4. You will play as Ada Wong on a mission that reunites her with Leon S. Kennedy as he searches for the president's daughter.

    Separate Ways will be released alongside a free update for The Mercenaries. This update for The Mercenaries...
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  • Unity Now Claims Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Will Pay Their Dumb New Fee

    Unity Now Claims Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Will Pay Their Dumb New Fee

    Also Valve, Epic, Apple, and any other platform that distributes Unity games.

    If you thought Unity lost their damn minds earlier this week, hold onto your butts because it got worse. Unity now says that platform holders such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be the ones who have to pick up the tab and pay that new runtime fee on behalf of developers.

    This information comes from an updated FAQ that Unity shared on their website. The FAQ says that the Unity runtime fee...
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Out February 29; Three Month PlayStation Exclusive

    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Out February 29; Three Month PlayStation Exclusive

    There's also a $350 Collector's Edition coming.

    Square Enix says that the second part to their Final Fantasy 7 remake/reboot is coming very, very soon. A release date for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been set for February 29, 2024 on the PlayStation 5.

    This announcement came alongside a new trailer for Rebirth as part of this week's PlayStation State of Play broadcast. The new trailer shows off additional playable characters such as Red XIII, Yuffie, and Cait Sith. We also...
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  • Ghostrunner 2 Demo Released

    Ghostrunner 2 Demo Released

    Try it before you buy it.

    One More Level and 505 Games released a demo for Ghostrunner 2 late in the day yesterday. This demo is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

    Ghostrunner 2 will launch officially on October 26, but those that purchase the Brutal Edition will get to play on October 24 with 48-hours of early access. Seems like the Brutal Edition will set you back $69.99. There is also a $39.99 Standard version...
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  • Foamstars Open Beta Announced

    Foamstars Open Beta Announced

    The beta is open to those on PlayStation 5.

    Square Enix will kick off an open beta for the PlayStation exclusive Foamstars. This beta will begin on September 29 at 6PM (PT) and run through to October 1 at 11:59PM (PT).

    This open beta will let players experience the competitive shooter ahead of its official release in early 2024. It will grant access to eight selectable characters and two different 4v4 game modes.

    To those who haven't seen Foamstars yet: Yes,...
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  • Original Tomb Raider Trilogy Getting Remastered

    Original Tomb Raider Trilogy Getting Remastered

    Yes, the classic control schemes are still an option.

    Crystal Dynamics is teaming up with Aspyr to bring visually enhanced versions of the original three Tomb Raider titles to modern consoles and PC. Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft is the full and official name for this work and will, as expected, include Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider III.

    This release will include upgraded graphics, performance improvements, all expansions, and more. Fans...
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  • New Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Trailer with Idris Elba

    New Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Trailer with Idris Elba

    A fresh look at Idris Elba and more information concerning the new expansion.

    CD Projekt Red shared a new look at Idris Elba and his role in the upcoming release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This new trailer shared today shows some of the events taking place seven years prior to the events of Phantom Liberty.

    In addition, Elba shared some behind the scenes details about his character. Before that, CD Projekt Red shared new details on new gameplay elements and some...
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  • Save Up to 20% on Steam Deck

    Save Up to 20% on Steam Deck

    Save up to 20% on Steam Deck for a limited time.

    Valve decided to throw the Steam Deck in to the 20th anniversary festivities for Steam. What this means for you is that from now through to September 21st, all Steam Deck versions are on sale. The Steam Deck Docking Station is also on sale!

    This sale sees the top end 512GB Steam Deck model going from $649 down to just $519. That's quite the bargain if you've been on the fence about picking up one of these handheld devices....
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  • Bethesda to Add DLSS and FOV Slider to Starfield

    Bethesda to Add DLSS and FOV Slider to Starfield

    Makes you wonder why they weren't in there to begin with.

    Bethesda released the first post-launch update for Starfield today. It's not exactly a big one, but it does include a couple of fixes for stability and progression blockers. However, the bigger news is that Bethesda mentioned what they plan to add to the game in the near future.

    Bethesda says that they will add some of the most requested community features. You know, features like the ability to adjust brightness...
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  • Slave Zero X to Release February 2024

    Slave Zero X to Release February 2024

    The 2.5D hack-and-slash sequel is just a few months away.

    Slave Zero X will be released on February 21, 2024 from developer Poppy Works and publisher Ziggurat Interactive. Slave Zero X is a prequel to Slave Zero, a game that came out back in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast.

    Slave Zero X will be out in February for a bunch of platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

    Slave Zero X will have you playing...
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  • Resident Evil Coming to iPhone 15 Pro

    Resident Evil Coming to iPhone 15 Pro

    Full feature versions are coming to Apple's upcoming hardware.

    Capcom says that both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village are coming to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max later this year. According to Capcom, this will be the first time these titles are available on smartphones.

    Capcom claims that both games will "deliver stunning graphics with fidelity that parallels the latest consoles." As for that claim, well, we'll let you be the judge of that...
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  • Embracer Reportedly Trying to Sell Gearbox

    Embracer Reportedly Trying to Sell Gearbox

    A lot of companies are supposedly interested in the Borderlands developer.

    Gearbox is reportedly up for sale by parent company Embracer. This report comes from Reuters that say a sale of Gearbox is just one option that Embracer is considering for the Borderlands studio. According to Reuters' reporting, a number of third-parties have already expressed interest in picking up Gearbox.

    So far, this is just one report and has not been confirmed yet. Neither Embracer nor Gearbox...
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