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PlayStation 5 Starting at $400, Launches Starting November 12

$400 for digital-only, $500 for the full system.

The next-gen is now fully in gear. With Microsoft announcing the price and release date of their Xbox Series X, the only piece of the puzzle that remained was what Sony would do with the PlayStation 5. Today, the company announced that the Digital Edition will retail for $399.99 (USD) while the "regular" version with a disc drive will retail for $499.99.

Both consoles are expected to launch in select countries...

EA Kills Off Origin

Origin to be replaced by more generic naming convention.

First, EA ditched their EA Access and Origin Access branding in favor of EA Play. This happened almost exactly one month ago in August 2020. Now, EA is ready to ditch their Origin desktop client with something a little more generic.

EA is changing the name of their Origin client to "EA Desktop." EA is calling their new app a "next-generation PC gaming platform."

This renaming will...

Xbox Series X Officially Launches on November 10 for $499

Next-gen begins on November 10.

Microsoft has kicked down the doors of the next-gen waiting room and come out swinging. Yesterday, they revealed that the Xbox Series S would be released on November 10 for a price of just $299 (USD). Today, Microsoft reveals that the more powerful Xbox Series X will also launch on November 10 for a very affordable $499 (USD).

Pre-orders for both consoles will begin on September 22.

In addition to this, Microsoft announces that...

Review: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Feeling younger in my mind.

When you think of the heyday of Tony Hawk titles, you probably think back to the games prior to weird skateboard controllers and the abysmal Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. You think back to a time in your childhood when you would turn on your old CRT television, power on the PlayStation, and digitally pull off some sick tricks while Goldfinger's Superman blasted in the background. The first couple of Tony Hawk games hold a special place in a lot of our hearts...

Tiananmen Square Footage Removed from Call of Duty Trailer

Activision bending the knee? What? No. Never!

The first trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War was blocked in China and then later edited from every other region because it contained roughly one second of footage from the Tiananmen Square protests from 1989. This is when the Chinese government had a big uh "crackdown" on pro-democracy protesters. That is to say, they murdered the fuck out of their citizens, or made them "disappear," and attacked them with...
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  • Sony Denies Report Saying They Cut Production of PlayStation 5 by 4 Million Units

    Sony outright denies a recent report by Bloomberg.

    According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Sony had cut their manufacturing plans for the PlayStation 5 by a whopping 4 million units. This was allegedly due to "complications making a key component."

    Less than a day after that report was made, Sony says that this is, in fact, not factually true. Sony issued a public statement that denies the Bloomberg report.

    Bloomberg's initial report...
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  • Amnesia Rebirth New Trailer Reveals Release Date

    Amnesia Rebirth New Trailer Reveals Release Date

    Arriving just in time for some Halloween delights.

    Frictional Games just released a new trailer today that announces the release date for the horror sequel many have have been eagerly awaiting, Amnesia: Rebirth. The release date is set for October 20 for the PC and PlayStation 4.

    Pre-orders for the game are already live on Epic Games Store (affiliate link), Steam,, and the PlayStation Store. It looks like the normal price will be $29.99 (USD), but some stores are...
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  • See Crysis Remastered Running at 8K in Latest Trailer

    See Crysis Remastered Running at 8K in Latest Trailer

    Some would argue that's just too many K's.

    If you have been sitting on the fence about the upcoming Crysis Remastered, then perhaps today's massive trailer will sway you. I say it's massive because I'm talking about the size, not the length. We're about to experience an 8K trailer that shows off comparisons between the 2007 Crysis and the upcoming Crysis Remastered.

    Crysis Remastered is supposed to take advantage of current-gen hardware in order to bring "a range...
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  • Borderlands 3 is Getting a Free Next-gen Upgrade

    Borderlands 3 is Getting a Free Next-gen Upgrade

    Plus four-player splitscreen.

    Borderlands 3 is the latest title to join the ever growing list of titles that are going to offer a free next-gen upgrade to existing players. The upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will include 4K resolutions at up to 60 frames-per-second. This is a much higher resolution and framerate than any current version of the game, including the PC in many cases.

    Sadly, this same promise of 4K and 60fps can't be made for the slightly less...
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  • Watch Wannabe CSGO Cheaters Get Trolled by Fake Cheat Software

    Watch Wannabe CSGO Cheaters Get Trolled by Fake Cheat Software

    It's one of those "feel good" movies.

    Cheaters. We all hate them. If you ever played Counter-Strike over the many, many years that it's been around, you've probably encountered your fair share of cheaters big and small. We've all probably wanted to do something about it, but we've been at the mercy of anti-cheat software like VAC for ages now. What could we, a lowly player possibly do besides report and cross our fingers that the cheaters would eventually get caught?
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  • Halo 3: ODST Hits PC on September 22

    Halo 3: ODST Hits PC on September 22

    Get ready to drop back into New Mombassa.

    Just a quick note here to let you know that Halo 3: ODST will be released on PC through the Master Chief Collection on September 22. This marks the fifth installment of Halo: The Master Chief Collection that will be released on PC. It follows Reach, and Halos 1 through 3.

    Included in the release is a fully remastered campaign. There is also the wave based ODST Firefight mode that a lot of players loved. ...
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  • Cloud Gaming Launches for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Cloud Gaming Launches for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Includes support for over 150 titles.

    On September 15, those within 22 supported countries that subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate will soon have access to over 150 games within the cloud. Microsoft says that you will be able to play titles such as Grounded, Forza Horizon 4, Battletoads, Untitled Goose Game, and Destiny 2 through the cloud to your preferred mobile device. That is assuming your preferred mobile device is Android based.

    Just as the case is with Game Pass for...
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  • Fall Guys Dev Implemented a Secret 'Cheater Island'

    Fall Guys Dev Implemented a Secret 'Cheater Island'

    A unique form of anti-cheat.

    The developers behind Fall Guys just revealed that they implemented a form of anti-cheat into the game unlike most other games. They called it "Cheater Island" and it was a magical place where a bunch of cheaters could all play together in beautiful cheating harmony.

    The story was detailed in a series of Twitter posts from the official Fall Guys account. You can read it in its entirety over at Twitter.

    In short, Fall...
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  • Sony is Hosting a Special PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 16

    Sony is Hosting a Special PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 16

    It's about time.

    Now that Microsoft revealed their prices and availability dates for their Xbox Series X|S, it makes sense that Sony would quickly need to play catch up. Sure, Microsoft's hand was probably forced by those Xbox Series S rumors, but that's neither here nor there at this point.

    We expect that Sony will need to make an announcement about the prices and availability for their PlayStation 5 lineup. Without those things, Microsoft is busy eating Sony's lunch...
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  • Immortals Fenyx Rising Trailer and Gameplay Showcase

    Immortals Fenyx Rising Trailer and Gameplay Showcase

    Breath of the Greek mythology.

    Ubisoft showed off a bunch of new footage yesterday during their Ubisoft Forward event for Immortals Fenyx Rising. Yes, it looks a lot like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it's not Breath of the Wild. Got it? It's not, no matter how much it looks like it is in both appearance, visuals, and the variety of gameplay elements and puzzle solving techniques. It's totally its own thing.

    You play as Fenyx, a new winged demigod that is...
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  • Rainbow Six Siege Gets Next-gen Upgrades

    Rainbow Six Siege Gets Next-gen Upgrades

    Straight from Ubisoft's mouth to your eyes.

    A short, but succinct tweet from Ubisoft says that Rainbow Six Siege will get a next-gen upgrade for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This will be a free upgrade to everyone that owns the game.

    Specifically, they say that the game will get a bump in resolution to 4K and a bump in framerate to 120FPS. That is quite the substantial bump on both of those fronts. ...
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