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Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changelog

A changelog that rivals the length of a CVS Pharmacy receipt.

Battlefield 2042 is in a sad state, even following the release of Update #2 just last week. We all knew that Update #3 was coming and that it would be far more substantial than Update #2 was. Today, DICE released the changelog for Battlefield 2042 Update #3 and it is a long one.

The length of this changelog almost makes you think that maybe this game shouldn't have been released when it was. And you know what?...

DICE Details Two Updates Worth of Battlefield 2042 Fixes

The studio provides a roadmap of the next two updates.

To say that Battlefield 2042 is in dire need of a lot of attention would be a severe understatement. This game launched in a far worse state than even the infamous Battlefield 4. To list every issue present with the release version of Battlefield 2042 would take far too long. Besides, I've already included several lists pointing out broken or missing features in previous news postings about the game since its release.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Knew for Years About Sexual Misconduct; Employees Walk Out Demanding Resignation

A damning report says the Activision Blizzard CEO knew for years about horrific incidents and did nothing.

Employees are calling for the resignation of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick following some new and very damning revelations into the role he played in the toxic workplace culture at the studio. On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal published a detailed report about how Kotick handled, or failed to handle, the sexual-misconduct lawsuit filed by the California Department of...

Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield Portal

A love letter to Battlefield fans.

Battlefield Portal will be included at no additional charge to those that are picking up Battlefield 2042. This separate game experience will allow players to mix and match content from the vast history of Battlefield into new experiences.

Players will be able to use and play content from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942. You will be able to play classic maps and modes just as they were when these games first...

DICE Shares What They Learned from the Battlefield 2042 Beta

Specialists are still here to stay though.

DICE has a new and rather lengthy write-up about what they learned from the recent Battlefield 2042 beta that took place. First and foremost, the Specialists are here to stay. You may want to get used to them now because the "traditional" classes as you have come to know them from previous titles are no more.

DICE says that they "see Specialists as the next evolution of the classic Battlefield class system that will...
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  • Fresh Dying Light 2 Video Takes a Look at the Survivors

    Fresh Dying Light 2 Video Takes a Look at the Survivors

    This all comes from the latest episode of Dying 2 Know More.

    Thomas Gerbaud, the world director for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, provides us all a look at some of the survivors of The City. We get a look at how these people have "come together to create a new way of life in the face of the infection."

    Specifically, we get a little look at the world and these survivors through the eyes of the player-controlled character, Aiden Caldwell. We also are provided a little...
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  • Year 2 of Hitman 3 to Add Ray Tracing, PC VR, and More

    Year 2 of Hitman 3 to Add Ray Tracing, PC VR, and More

    IO Interactive also hints at something major coming in Spring.

    Hitman 3 released way back on January 20, 2021 and since then IO Interactive has supported the title fairly regularly with content updates, mainly in the form of their "Seven Deadly Sins" motif. With the game's second year of existence rapidly approaching, IO Interactive seems to have no plans to slow down just yet.

    The studio says that Hitman 3's post-launch content will continue throughout 2022...
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  • Bobby Kotick to Consider Leaving If He Cannot Fix Problems at Activision Blizzard

    Retire, Bobby.

    During a meeting with other senior managers and executives at Activision Blizzard, CEO Bobby Kotick said that he would consider leaving the company if he is unable to fix the issues that he helped to create. Kotick did seem to stop just short of saying that he would step down in the meeting that took place this past Friday. He merely left the door cracked open a bit if the issues weren't fixed "with speed."

    This report comes from The Wall Street...
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  • Forza Horizon 5 Sets Xbox Launch Record

    Forza Horizon 5 Sets Xbox Launch Record

    The latest open world racing game sets records for Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass.

    Forza Horizon 5 came out on November 8th to a ton of praise from critics and players alike. It's a fantastic game and it's proving to be a very popular one at that. It should come as no surprise then to hear that Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest launch in Xbox history. So far, over 10 million players have logged in to the game to race around the vast areas of Mexico.

    The game has seen a substantial...
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  • Halo Infinite Co-op and Forge Modes Delayed Even Further

    Halo Infinite Co-op and Forge Modes Delayed Even Further

    Playing with friends will have to wait until at least May 2022.

    Talk about a real rollercoaster of a week for Halo Infinite fans. First, 343 Industries and Microsoft surprised dropped the multiplayer to everyone weeks ahead of schedule. Then issues surrounding the Battle Pass progression were brought to light by most everyone playing the game. However, 343 Industries said that they were taking feedback and will be making adjustments in the future. In fact, 343 Industries already applied...
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  • Hideki Kamiya Apologizes for Scalebound Cancellation

    Hideki Kamiya Apologizes for Scalebound Cancellation

    The Platinum Games director apologizes to fans and Microsoft for the cancelled title.

    In January 2017, the Xbox One and PC exclusive Scalebound was officially cancelled. It was one of the more highly anticipated titles that year that left fans disappointed after its cancellation. Scalebound was first revealed way back in 2014.

    Though it's now almost five years after the game was cancelled, director at Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya seems to still feel some level of guilt...
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  • Battlefield 2042 is Available and Getting Destroyed in Steam Reviews

    Battlefield 2042 is Available and Getting Destroyed in Steam Reviews

    Hit the battlefield, if you dare.

    EA and DICE announce today that the latest entry in their popular FPS franchise is now available. That's right, Battlefield 2042 is now available to everyone regardless of which version they purchased. This should be cause for celebration, right? Uh, well, maybe not. We'll get to that in a moment.

    If you are still undecided about Battlefield 2042, here's the rundown for the game from today's press release announcement.

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  • Rockstar Issues Statement About Terrible State of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

    Rockstar to give classic releases to PC players for free.

    The state in which all three titles in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition released in could be considered "laughable" at best and downright terrible at worst. By now, you have probably seen countless clips shared on YouTube and social media about the numerous bugs and glitches present in this release.

    The release was so bad that Rockstar Games had to temporarily pull the PC version...
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  • Multiversus is WB's Stab at a Smash Bros. Like Game

    Multiversus is WB's Stab at a Smash Bros. Like Game

    The Shaggy power memes will probably make a comeback because of this.

    Warner Bros. has officially announced a new fighting game that blends together characters from several of its popular franchises. It's called Multiversus and it will be a free-to-play fighter that seems like one part Smash Bros. and one part Bugs Bunny.

    The reveal came courtesy of a new and in-depth trailer that came out earlier today. The developer behind the game, Player First Games, says that Multiversus...
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  • Sega Announces Sonic and Yakuza Colognes

    Sega Announces Sonic and Yakuza Colognes

    Now you too can smell like a chili eating hedgehog or sweaty muscle man.

    You ever just sit back and ponder what Sonic the Hedgehog would smell like? He's known for eating chili dogs, so would he smell like that or something else? He also likes running through lush green landscapes, so would he perhaps smell instead like freshly washed laundry drying in a summer breeze? It really makes you think, doesn't it?

    Thankfully, Sega is here to save us all from life's greatest mystery....
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  • Phil Spencer is Evaluating Relationship with Activision

    Phil Spencer is Evaluating Relationship with Activision

    Xbox stands alongside PlayStation in condemning Activision's response to sexual harassment allegations.

    Microsoft's head of Xbox Phil Spencer says that he is "evaluating all aspects of our relationship with Activision Blizzard and making ongoing proactive adjustments." This comes by way of an internal email sent to staff that was shared with Bloomberg.

    Spencer's email comes just a short time after this week's eye opening revelations that say that Activision Blizzard...
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  • First New World Content Update Introduces a New Weapon Type

    First New World Content Update Introduces a New Weapon Type

    Take a step into the void.

    Amazon Games just released the update 1.1 for their MMORPG New World a short time ago today. This update offers a bit more than just the typical bug fixes and improvements to the game. Today's update is actually the first new content update that Amazon Games has released since the game's launch.

    New in the 1.1 update is the addition of the Void Gauntlet. This is the first weapon in the game that will scale with both Intelligence and Focus. Amazon...
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  • Risk of Rain 2 - Survivors of the Void Expansion Announced

    Risk of Rain 2 - Survivors of the Void Expansion Announced

    Expect to see the new expansion in early 2022.

    The super fun roguelike Risk of Rain 2 just had an all-new expansion announced for it today. This expansion is called Survivors of the Void and it's expected to be released in Q1 of 2022. It's already available to be wishlisted on Steam if you're into that sort of thing.

    This expansion is going to include a lot of fresh content for fans to enjoy. Some of the new content includes a new final boss and stage, two new survivors,...
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  • The Day 1 Battlefield 2042 Patch is Anemic

    The Day 1 Battlefield 2042 Patch is Anemic

    It's a whole lot of nothing.

    Battlefield 2042 has been available for those that ponied up the big bucks for the Gold or Ultimate editions, priced at $89.99 (USD) and $109.99 respectively. The standard edition of the game is slated to be released in about a day from now on November 19. To say that the game needs a ton of work would be a gross understatement.

    The only hope was the promised "Day 1" patch for the game that was said to arrive just prior to the standard...
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  • PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan 'Stunned' at Activision's Response to Harassment Allegations

    An email from Jim Ryan expresses extreme disappointment in Activision Blizzard.

    PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was left "stunned" following this week's Bloomberg report that says Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick was aware for years of the sexual harassment and misconduct happening within the Call of Duty publisher. An email from Ryan, that was originally sent to employees, was obtained by Bloomberg on Thursday.

    In the email, Ryan wrote that he and the other PlayStation...
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