Google Stadia is Out Today and Reportedly a 'Monumental Flop'

It's time for "good news, bad news."

For Google, today is a bit of a mixed bag. The good news for them is that they just soft launched their first dedicated gaming platform, Stadia. The bad news is that it's reportedly a "monumental flop."

Today, those who purchased the $130 Founder's Edition of Stadia are probably awaiting its delivery. The physical contents largely consisting of a unique Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra. Though you had to plunk down $130 for this, there was actually no guarantee that you would get...

Hey, Valve Just Announced a New Half-Life Game

Half-Life: Alyx is a flagship VR game from Valve.

It's taken 12 years, but Valve has finally announced a new Half-Life title. The studio formerly known for developing hats has just announced a "flagship VR" title called Half-Life: Alyx.

The company has billed it as a "flagship VR" game. It's reportedly prequel to at least Half-Life 2 and will be VR exclusive. We will have more information on this when the main reveal comes this Thursday, November 21. ...

Review: Journey for Elysium (PC VR)

A short trip to the afterlife.

For the past several months now, we have offered up glimpses of the story-driven VR adventure title Journey for Elysium. We saw a game that had a unique visual style, the promise of a story that would take us all to an afterlife, a world filled with architecture inspired by Greek mythology, and mind-bending puzzles to solve. The unique visual style was certainly eye catching, but I often wondered if the rest of the game would be able to hold up to this aesthetically pleasing presentation.

With the release of Journey...

Desert Bus for Hope 2019 Charity Event Underway

Better late than never.

We're just a few days late in sharing this news with you, but when it comes to charity: Better late than never, right?

The latest annual charity drive (get it?) that is Desert Bus for Hope is well underway. A group of people have already spent three days driving across the desert, in real time, in an effort to raise money for charity. In three days and 6 hours, the crew has already raised over $388,400 for the Child's Play charity. The team is still going strong after all this time.

For those that don't know,...

Google Stadia Launch Games are Lacking

Stadia comes out of the gate already limping.

With the soft launch of Google Stadia rapidly approaching, it seems like we're beyond due for a look at the platform's launch lineup. Hell, we're probably beyond due for a look at the Stadia UI and full featureset, but that is another matter entirely.

Today, Google revealed a list of 12 games that will serve as the launch titles for when Stadia has a soft launch on November 19. For $130, you were able to get in on the ground floor of the launch of Stadia with the Founder's Edition. These kits have...
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  • Castlevania Series Coming to Netflix in 2017

    Castlevania Series Coming to Netflix in 2017

    Netflix held a special event today where it announced a lot of its upcoming content throughout 2017. As part of its announcement came word that they will play host to a new Castlevania series.
    Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017

    That is literally all that was said about the new series. It's speculated that the series is the same that was said to be in the works by Frederator Networks (Adventure Time) and Adi Shankar, the person behind the fan-made, gritty take on the Power Rangers. If you haven't yet seen it, I embedded...
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  • Tim Sweeney Continues Hyperbolic, Baseless Attack on Windows 10

    Tim Sweeney Continues Hyperbolic, Baseless Attack on Windows 10

    Tim Sweeney was once known for his role in co-founding Epic Games. Epic Games, as we all know, created some of the world's most recognized titles in franchises such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. They have also created one of the world's most widely used game engines, Unreal Engine. These days, Sweeney is more keen on throwing out a bunch of outlandish claims against the Windows 10 operating system and against Microsoft.

    About a year ago, Sweeney first started his attacks on Windows 10 by saying that it was a walled garden for everybody but...
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  • Blizzard Testing Server Browser in New Overwatch PTR Update

    Blizzard Testing Server Browser in New Overwatch PTR Update

    Blizzard has gone ahead and added in a server browser as part of the latest PTR update for Overwatch. This addition allows you to customize a huge number of variables and play the game with your friends, those you invite, or even with the general public.

    This PTR update also includes the Capture the Flag game mode, first introduced in the ongoing Capture the Rooster event in the non-PTR release of Overwatch. This update also includes the start of the re-balancing of Bastion, a change to Eichenwalde, and plenty of other changes/balancing.

    The current list of changes can be found here. The PTR is optional and will probably have a number of changes between now and the public release of the next major patch....
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  • Lords of the Fallen Makes Transition to Mobile

    Lords of the Fallen Makes Transition to Mobile

    The "not quite Dark Souls but still pretty good in its own way" game, Lords of the Fallen, is now available as a mobile game. An intense action title like Lords of the Fallen can be played on mobile platforms? Yes, but there are obviously some key changes that have been made here.
    Lords of the Fallen combines swipe-based 1-on-1 combat with mechanics familiar to RPG fans. Each character has his or her own combat style, and can be customized and trained to improve different skills. Players can find materials picked up throughout their play time, which can
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  • Final Fantasy XV Somehow Broke Even on Launch Day

    Final Fantasy XV Somehow Broke Even on Launch Day

    Square Enix must be pretty happy with how fans responded to the release of Final Fantasy XV. First they said that just two days after launch the game had already sold more than 5 million units. Now, they're telling us that the game broke even on development costs on its launch day.

    Director Hajime Tabata told DualShockers this rather impressive factoid. Since then, Square Enix said that the game has announced that the game has shipped over six million units as of January. By now? Who knows but it's probably a safe assumption that it's been turning...
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  • First Trailer and Details for The Golf Club 2

    First Trailer and Details for The Golf Club 2

    The Golf Club 2 is apparently a thing. I had no idea they were making a sequel, yet here it is with a new trailer and some fresh details. The game is slated to be released this Spring for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC via Steam. Maximum Games and HB Studios are adding in some new features when compared to its predecessor including new environments, better swing mechanics, online tournaments, and more.
    Responding to the request of The Golf Club community, the developers have now built out a series of tournaments players must advance through in Career
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  • Mobius Final Fantasy is Now On Steam

    Mobius Final Fantasy is Now On Steam

    Square Enix released Mobius Final Fantasy today on the Steam platform. This action-RPG was originally released on mobile platforms a few months ago and has actually reached 10 million players from around the world. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, the city of Midgar is now a playable region in the game.

    The game is free to play and can be downloaded through Steam, or on mobile for iOS or Android devices.
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  • WWE 2K17 Finally Released on PC

    WWE 2K17 Finally Released on PC

    Though it's been out for a bit on consoles, WWE 2K17 only hit the PC today. You have your usual flavors of the $49.99 Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition at $74.99. The Deluxe Edition includes the $29.99 Season Pass.

    There's about to be a crapload of information pasted below. We've got specific differences between the two editions of the game, plus details on the Season Pass content, and then we get into the features of the game itself. So, before we get to that I'll leave you with a link where you can purchase WWE 2K17, the PC launch trailer,...
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  • Dual-Stick Shooter 8DAYS Launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

    Dual-Stick Shooter 8DAYS Launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

    8DAYS by BadLand Games and developed by Santa Clara Games is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 8DAYS is a dual-stick shooter that utilizes 8-bit style visuals. You fight in the name of G.O.D. Inc (Gold, Oil, and Diamonds) over the course of five main missions.
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  • Jalopy Goes to Bulgaria in New Update

    Jalopy Goes to Bulgaria in New Update

    On February 13, those who are enjoying Jalopy will get to continue their adventures in Bulgaria. This major update will add all-new environments, oil spills, new tires, and potholes.
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  • Steam Profiles Are Once Again Safe to Visit

    Steam Profiles Are Once Again Safe to Visit

    Earlier today, a warning came by telling users not to visit any Steam profile or even their own Activity Feed within Steam. This was actually a major security issue with how the "My Guides Showcase" parsed scripts that were placed within the title of guides. This allowed for code to be injected into anybody that put these malicious guides into their Showcase. This then made visiting affected profiles a security risk along with the Activity Feed that displayed these guides that friends added to their own Showcases. Valve has since fixed this exploit. An explanation ...
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