G2A Offers to Pay Media Outlets to Run Pre-Written Defense Article

Add it to the list.

Third-party gray market key reseller, G2A, has been under increased fire the past week. Sure, it's had its fair share of accusations and criticisms slung its way over the years, but nothing quite like what we've seen in the past week. Today, an email sent from G2A to a handful of website owners, attempted to manipulate the public image of the company in an incredibly scummy way.

The email included a "transparent" and "unbiased" pre-written article about G2A that presented a warped spin on the truth about stolen game keys. The "truth"...

Earth Defense Force 5 Coming to PC this Week


The fifth mainline installment in the man vs. bugs saga known as Earth Defense Force was announced to be coming to the PC. Not only that, but Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to the PC this week on Thursday, July 11. That's a mere three days away from today! You can presently add it to your Wishlist on Steam if you want.

As usual, you will play as a member of the Earth Defense Force (EDF) as they battle giant ants, massive spiders, and all sorts of creepy crawlies. At your disposal will be a huge arsenal of weapons, vehicles, mechs, and customizable class...

Epic Promises to Cover Shenmue 3 Refunds for Problem They Created in the First Place

Then quickly announces this will happen again.

If you've been following the Shenmue 3 development saga for any length of time, you are probably well aware of a few things. First, you are probably well aware that the game pulled in over $6.3 million on Kickstarter alone. After the Kickstarter run ended, it used another service to keep collecting from fans that wanted to help fund the game. The total amount pledged rose to almost $7.2 million. Deep Silver was then selected as the game's publisher. However, it is not clear how much, if anything, they contributed as a publisher towards...

Game Breaking Battlefield V Bugs Still Not Fixed

No solid ETA on when they will be either.

If you have played Battlefield V from the beginning, you will probably agree that the game is fun but it's not without its flaws. In fact, it seems as though with every patch released for the game, there are almost as many new bugs added as there are ones that are squished in each patch.

The latest patch released for the game, which came about just last week, is no exception to that rule. First off, the beginning of Chapter 4 for Battlefield V's Tides of War multiplayer campaign was supposed to include the addition of a new map,...

Review: The Sinking City (PC)

That sinking feeling.

Frogware's The Sinking City is perhaps the best love letter to Lovecraft that we have seen in quite some time, but that may not be saying much. This most direct competition to The Sinking City was 2018's Call of Cthulhu, which really failed to capitalize on any single gameplay aspect. The Sinking City, on the other hand, at least manages to excel in one or two key areas, even if it barely stays afloat in others.

The city of Oakmont is the main location for The Sinking City. The first thing you see upon arrival is dreariness. Well, that and a dead...
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  • Even More Hints Found Suggesting Red Dead Redemption 2 is Coming to PC

    Even More Hints Found Suggesting Red Dead Redemption 2 is Coming to PC

    That makes for two major hints within a week.

    Last week, fans found some tasty clues that Red Dead Redemption 2 is "probably" coming to the PC at some point. We went into those details already, so be sure to check out that information when you can. Today, additional clues have surfaced that again seem to point out that a PC release of the wild west shooter is coming at some point.

    The information was first shared on the GTAforums and relayed to the public by DSOGaming. The details that were found came not from the Social Club like last week, but rather from...
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  • Facebook Reportedly Bringing Splinter Cell Back... as a VR Game

    Facebook Reportedly Bringing Splinter Cell Back... as a VR Game

    Who wished on a monkey's paw?!

    There is a story circulating today saying that Facebook may have already signed deals with Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell and a new Assassin's Creed title. That's not the weird part. The weird part here is that the deal is to create VR games in these two popular franchises. And since it's Facebook that pushed the deal, that would mean that the games would be Oculus "exclusive" and sold through their Oculus Store.

    This is, at least right now, merely a rumor. It came to light today via The Information (full article is locked...
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  • The Alien: Isolation Devs Possibly Working on Hero Shooter with Cosmetic Microtransactions

    Game over, man! Game over!

    Creative Assembly, the studio behind Alien: Isolation and the Total War games, is busy working on a new IP. It's being reported that their new IP is, drumroll please, a sci-fi FPS with heroes and cosmetic microtransactions. If that sounds familiar to you, you probably played Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Battleborn, LawBreakers, Monday Night Combat, Paladins, or many others in the genre. Heck, you can maybe even include Rainbow Six Siege in that category if you want to stretch the definition a bit.

    And while Creative Assembly isn't working on...
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  • More Behind the Scenes of Black and White VR Game Journey for Elysium

    More Behind the Scenes of Black and White VR Game Journey for Elysium

    Second developer diary.

    Developer Mantis Games released their second behind the scenes video for Journey for Elysium. The latest, entitled "Mechanics," provides a look at the "process behind integrating technical features and design elements including motion control gameplay as well as levels into the game."

    Journey for Elysium wants to remind players of old adventure games from the 90s. The game, played in VR, includes an ever increasing series of puzzles and challenges that must be conquered in order to progress the story. The game places players...
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  • Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition Out Today

    Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition Out Today

    Reduced cost for those who own the game already.

    If you own any of the current consoles (Switch, PS4, or XB1) or even a PC with Steam, you can now pick up Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition for just $49.99 (USD). This release includes the base game, Valkyria Chronicles 4, plus all of the content that was released for the game.

    Sega does note that if you already own the base game, you can get all of the add-on content in one package deal for just $24.99. This additional content includes a variety of items such as high-difficulty maps plus all-new story content. Full...
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  • Alter Fate in SolSeraph

    Alter Fate in SolSeraph

    Out today on consoles and Steam.

    Humans are about to be wiped out thanks to some Younger Gods that are being real jerks. Chaos spreads across the lands. That sucks. Thankfully, humanity has a savior by the way of Helios, a Knight of Dawn, that is trying to bring back civilization from being destroyed.

    All of this is done through a mix of side-scrolling action and top-down strategy gameplay. Players will work to guide a group to expand their territory and dispel a "dark fog" that surrounds them. In doing so, you will expose some monsters that you then take on...
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  • New DLC Released for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

    New DLC Released for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

    Both free and paid DLC is out now.

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has some new DLC out today for those who are enjoying the fighting game from nWay. The new DLC comes in two flavors, one of which is free and the other which is not so free. This content, both kinds, is out for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

    This includes the first two Season One characters, Trey of Triforia and Jen Scotts. Lord Zedd is coming in a future update. Each individual character can be purchased for $6.99 each or you can get the full Season One Pass for $14.99. The pass...
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  • Best Ways to Make Money While Playing Computer Games

    Best Ways to Make Money While Playing Computer Games

    Today, we are certainly living in the golden age of gaming. People from all the sides of the globe are sharing the spirit of competing from their own homes thanks to the online live games. One of the interesting facts about the world of gaming is that you can earn tons of money thanks to many tips.

    Live streams
    Actually, you can also work on live streams while you play your favorite game. Try to handle your audience he best tricks to overcome the hardest point the game they love to play. Accordingly, you will gain a potential and loyal audience with time. You...
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  • Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition Coming to PS4 on August 6

    Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition Coming to PS4 on August 6

    New release features new and exclusive content.

    Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is coming on August 6, 2019 for the PlayStation 4. When it does, it will include some new and exclusive content that you've not seen before. This game is an indie platformer that follows the path a young girl takes as she searches for her pet fox throughout the cosmos.

    Gravity Ghost was previously released on Windows, Mac, and Linux all via Steam. There is also a DRM-free version on the game's official website. This Deluxe Edition coming to the PS4 will add in a new constellation, which includes...
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  • Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Out Now

    Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Out Now

    Upgrade to Final Battle at a reduced cost.

    Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Koei Tecmo America launched the latest entry in the popular action game that is inspired by the anime of the same name.

    To be a bit more specific, Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle retells the events of the show's third season story. There is apparently going to be a fourth season for the show, which begs the question then if there will be another game to coincide with it. Maybe call it Attack on Titan 3: Final...
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  • More Green Army Men Content Added to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    More Green Army Men Content Added to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Real (small) soldiers.

    Tripwire Interactive, Antimatter Games, and the Green Army Men Team just released the Green Army Men Beach Party today for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. As you may already guess, this new content adds in more of the little plastic warfare that we first saw back around Christmas 2018. This new beach themed content is accompanied by, you guessed it, another sale and a free week for non-owners to play the game for free.

    The sale runs from today until Tuesday, July 16 at 10AM (PT). From a quick glance, it looks like the game is 67% off during this sale....
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