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Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changelog

A changelog that rivals the length of a CVS Pharmacy receipt.

Battlefield 2042 is in a sad state, even following the release of Update #2 just last week. We all knew that Update #3 was coming and that it would be far more substantial than Update #2 was. Today, DICE released the changelog for Battlefield 2042 Update #3 and it is a long one.

The length of this changelog almost makes you think that maybe this game shouldn't have been released when it was. And you know what?...

DICE Details Two Updates Worth of Battlefield 2042 Fixes

The studio provides a roadmap of the next two updates.

To say that Battlefield 2042 is in dire need of a lot of attention would be a severe understatement. This game launched in a far worse state than even the infamous Battlefield 4. To list every issue present with the release version of Battlefield 2042 would take far too long. Besides, I've already included several lists pointing out broken or missing features in previous news postings about the game since its release.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Knew for Years About Sexual Misconduct; Employees Walk Out Demanding Resignation

A damning report says the Activision Blizzard CEO knew for years about horrific incidents and did nothing.

Employees are calling for the resignation of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick following some new and very damning revelations into the role he played in the toxic workplace culture at the studio. On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal published a detailed report about how Kotick handled, or failed to handle, the sexual-misconduct lawsuit filed by the California Department of...

Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield Portal

A love letter to Battlefield fans.

Battlefield Portal will be included at no additional charge to those that are picking up Battlefield 2042. This separate game experience will allow players to mix and match content from the vast history of Battlefield into new experiences.

Players will be able to use and play content from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942. You will be able to play classic maps and modes just as they were when these games first...

DICE Shares What They Learned from the Battlefield 2042 Beta

Specialists are still here to stay though.

DICE has a new and rather lengthy write-up about what they learned from the recent Battlefield 2042 beta that took place. First and foremost, the Specialists are here to stay. You may want to get used to them now because the "traditional" classes as you have come to know them from previous titles are no more.

DICE says that they "see Specialists as the next evolution of the classic Battlefield class system that will...
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  • Rockstar Delays GTA Trilogy Physical Release

    Rockstar Delays GTA Trilogy Physical Release

    Sad news for those that still buy physical media.

    Rockstar Games announced that the physical release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has been delayed. As of right now, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 versions will be out on December 17. The Nintendo Switch release will now happen in early 2022.

    The delay for all but the Switch release isn't all that long, only about a week from its initially planned release date. The Switch release...
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  • Valve Confirms There Won't be Steam Deck Exclusive Games

    Valve Confirms There Won't be Steam Deck Exclusive Games

    Well, duh.

    In the newly updated FAQ page for their upcoming Steam Deck, Valve says that they are not interested in developers making Steam Deck exclusive titles. This startling revelation should really come as no surprise to anybody who has been paying attention to what the Steam Deck is for any length of time. It is, after all, merely a handheld PC.

    Valve's remarks about this came about during a recently Steamworks Steam Deck event where developers and publishers asked...
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  • Will Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 Change the Phase of Online Gaming?

    Recently, Qualcomm has hinted about the smartphones getting a speed boost with the Snapdragon 888+ processor. The advanced smart processor launched earlier this year in smartphones such as Galaxy S21 has a supercharging chipset to back up a robust CPU. Qualcomm successfully increased the device's clock speed to 3GHz with the 888 version. It also has increased its module's AI to a remarkable level of 20%. The improvement is likely to benefit online media by better streaming video and games,...
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  • Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer is Free for the Week

    Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer is Free for the Week

    Get a taste of the 2022 RTS right now.

    Even though Company of Heroes 3 won't be released until 2022, Relic and Sega are giving fans an opportunity to try out the multiplayer right now. On Tuesday, November 30, you will be able hop into a new test for the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer.

    To participate, simply sign up for Relic's "CoH-development" program through the Company of Heroes website. Once accepted, you should be able to preload the content straight away...
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  • Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression is Top Priority for Team

    Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression is Top Priority for Team

    343 Industries will continue to work on the painfully slow Battle Pass progression system.

    Jerry Hook, the head of design at 343 Industries says that the team will continue to work on the rather terrible progression system present in Halo Infinite's multiplayer. With developers returning to work this week after a holiday break, Hook says that working on fixing Battle Pass progression "will be top of my list with the team."

    Hook's remarks come via a new Twitter...
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  • CD Projekt Red Shifts Cyberpunk 2077 Development Focus to Upcoming Expansion

    CD Projekt Red Shifts Cyberpunk 2077 Development Focus to Upcoming Expansion

    Expect to see fewer patches as development shifts to creating new content.

    CD Projekt Red will be allocating more resources towards development of Cyberpunk 2077's first expansion. In the studio's Q3 earnings report, the company still had most of its employees supporting Cyberpunk 2077 up through the end of September 2021. Today's word of a new shift will pull some of those employees away from support and on to creating fresh content for Cyberpunk 2077 as well as some Gwent projects....
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  • The Best Mobile Games 2021

    The Best Mobile Games 2021

    Mobile gaming and touch-screen gaming, especially in 2021, is big business. Whether you are sitting on the bus on your way to or from work, or just taking a "quick" bathroom break, chances are you have a phone or mobile device in hand.

    Mobile gaming, especially in recent years, has really taken off to extreme highs. It is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world, if not the largest. Mobile gaming has had massive growth throughout the world, especially in southern...
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  • Live-Action Halo Infinite Trailer Arrives Ahead of Launch

    Live-Action Halo Infinite Trailer Arrives Ahead of Launch

    Believe. Er, Become.

    343 Industries and Microsoft just released a couple of new live-action trailers for Halo Infinite this weekend. Actually, they released a long version and a short version of the same trailer, perhaps for those with different attention spans.

    The long version of the trailer is entitled "Forever We Fight" and takes viewers through different periods of time. We see people rising up to the challenge in front of them and overcoming obstacles be...
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  • Resident Evil 4 Remake Art Intentionally Leaked by Wesker Voice Actor

    Resident Evil 4 Remake Art Intentionally Leaked by Wesker Voice Actor

    D.C. Douglas seems to have intentionally broken his NDA.

    The voice actor behind Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise seems to have intentionally broken an NDA with Capcom to share confidential concept art for the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake. The art was captured and shared via Twitter from the @BewareCreepyVAs account. The art seems to show Wesker's appearance in what may be the Separate Ways portion of the still unannounced remake.

    Another tweet by the...
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  • Steam Surpasses 27 Million Concurrent Users

    Steam Surpasses 27 Million Concurrent Users

    Steam sets an all-time new record high for concurrent users.

    Steam has surpassed the 27 million concurrent user record today. Earlier, the gaming service surpassed 27 million concurrent users online at the same time. Specifically, the new peak topped out at 27,182,165 users. This beats Steam's previous record of 26.9 million concurrent users that was set back in April 2021.

    There are probably a number of factors that went into today's big Steam milestone. First off, it's...
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  • CD Projekt Red Wants You to Believe that Cyberpunk 'Will be Considered a Very Good Game'

    Not now, but you know, in the future at some point, maybe.

    While speaking with the Polish newspaper, Rzeczpospolita (via VGC), CD Projekt Red's Adam Kiciński says that Cyberpunk 2077 will eventually be seen as a success.

    During the interview with the outlet, Kiciński says that the studio believes "that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as a very good game." He goes on to compare Cyberpunk to other CD Projekt Red titles and say that like them,...
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  • Battlefield 2042 Update 2 Changelog

    Battlefield 2042 Update 2 Changelog

    You can now use other weapons besides the PP-29!

    As promised, DICE rolled out Update #2 for Battlefield 2042 today. Though not as substantial as the upcoming Update #3, today's update introduces some very welcome adjustments.

    For instance, DICE has reduced the bullet spread on all weapons (except shotguns). This should mean that weapons beyond the PP-29 and SVK are actually viable to use now. I haven't tested them myself yet, but the reception to these initial adjustments...
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  • Fortnite Chapter 2 Ends in December

    Fortnite Chapter 2 Ends in December

    Don't worry, there's probably a Chapter 3 coming afterwards.

    Fortnite players will get one last battle against The Cube Queen as Chapter 2 of the battle royale winds down. Epic Games is preparing a big one-time "miss it and it's gone forever" event called "The End" that will bring the current chapter to an end.

    Epic Games says that The End will take place on December 4 at 4PM (ET). Players will join up to battle The Cube Queen in a final stand. If you...
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  • Halo Infinite's First Multiplayer Event Frustrates Fans

    Halo Infinite's First Multiplayer Event Frustrates Fans

    Gated progression is the biggest issue upsetting fans.

    Halo Infinite's first event, Fracture: Tenrai, gives players a chance to earn some free rewards such as the samurai-looking Yoroi Armor. Unfortunately, fans are already running into issues with the way progress is gated.

    Fracture: Tenrai is a free event available to everyone playing this free-to-play release of the Halo Infinite multiplayer. There are 30 tiers of rewards to earn. Much like the much-criticized Battle...
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  • Amazon Wants to Make Mass Effect TV Series

    Amazon Wants to Make Mass Effect TV Series

    A deal is reportedly nearing between EA, BioWare, and Amazon.

    A new report suggests that Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to create a new Mass Effect TV series based on the sci-fi RPG from BioWare. This information comes from a Deadline report about the recent success of the Wheel of Time adaptation from Amazon.

    Deadline's report says Amazon is already getting more adaptations ready for other popular franchises. Mass Effect is one of those franchises. Their report says...
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