System Shock and Skatebird Among Over a Dozen Games with New Limited Time Demos

In honor of The Game Awards, about a dozen games released limited time demos on Steam.

Later tonight, The Game Awards will be streamed live. That all kicks off at 8:30PM (ET) and can be watched online at places like Twitch, Steam, Mixer, Twitter, YouTube, consoles, other websites, and even at select movie theaters.

We already knew that.

What we didn't know until just a short time ago is that Geoff Keighley has also organized a special bonus treat for everyone. Today, he announced The Game Festival. The Game Festival, going live right...

MLB The Show is No Longer a PlayStation Exclusive

Soon, MLB The Show will be available on more than just Sony's platforms.

It has just been announced that starting as soon as 2021's release, MLB The Show will no longer be a PlayStation platform exclusive. Though other platforms have not yet been specified, both the official Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts were quick to comment on this new development.

For the past dozen or so years, MLB The Show has been developed by San Diego Studio, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony has also had the exclusive rights to develop and publish...

New 2K Studio Confirmed to be Working on Next BioShock Game

The first project for the new Cloud Chamber is the next entry in the BioShock series.

2K just announced today that they have opened up a new game development studio under their publishing umbrella. The new studio is called Cloud Chamber and will have not one but two different locations for their operations. The team will operate both out of 2K's San Francisco Bay Area HQ in Novato, CA in addition to a new location in Montreal, Quebec. This marks the first Canadian office for 2K.

The other big surprise today is the fact that Cloud Chamber has...

DICE Nerfed the TTK Yet Again in Battlefield V

Almost one year later and DICE is repeating the same exact mistakes.

Back on December 12, 2018, DICE decided to adjust the TTK (Time To Kill) for weapons in Battlefield V. A lot of the changes made weapons a fair bit less effective at actually taking out enemies. DICE said that they found that their "wider player base was dying too fast." That is to say, the shorter TTK wasn't too friendly for new players. To say that the core Battlefield community hated the changes is probably a massive understatement.

So, DICE tried to find a compromise...

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Art Leaked

Features a look at Jill, Carlos, and Nemesis.

We seem to have yet another leak on our hands today. This time it's for the still not officially announced remake of Resident Evil 3. It seems as though the cover art for this totally not real game was found on the servers for the PlayStation Store.

A games tracker feature on Gamstat quickly embeded the images from the PlayStation Store and thus made them visible publicly. Since then the images were pulled from being publicly accessible on the PlayStation Store. It's a good thing Gematsu saved the...
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  • Agents of Mayhem "Who You gonna Call" Launch Trailer; Notice About Review

    Agents of Mayhem "Who You gonna Call" Launch Trailer; Notice About Review

    Agents of Mayhem also releases tomorrow, which means that we have the final gameplay details to share along with a new launch trailer. Let's get right into it and be sure to read the special notice I've included at the end of this post on what is going on with the review for the game.
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  • Sonic Mania is Out Tomorrow Which Means We Have a Launch Trailer

    Sonic Mania is Out Tomorrow Which Means We Have a Launch Trailer

    Sonic Mania is officially out tomorrow on the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (the PC release has been delayed until August 29), which means it's time for a launch trailer.

    From the looks of review scores for the console version, it seems as though Sonic Mania may be the best Sonic the Hedgehog game in far too many years.
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  • Blizzard Renames Client Yet Again: Now Blizzard

    Blizzard Renames Client Yet Again: Now Blizzard

    First it was Then, it became Blizzard or Blizzard app. At some point there was something about "Battle Tech" or "Blizzard Tech" (I honestly still don't know which one). Now, Blizzard is going to call it Blizzard This totally not confusing announcement came earlier today by Blizzard, makers of Blizzard
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  • Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers

    Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers

    Following the events in Charlottesville, VA (in which a piece of shit Nazi murdered Heather Heyer and injured several other anti-racism demonstrators when he plowed his car into the group), a number of companies are finally starting to take action against white supremacy groups, Nazis, and Nazi sympathizers. Discord said today that they have shut down an alt-right server and a number of associated accounts.
    A few followup tweets by Discord said that they do "not read people's private conversations." However, they will "take action when...
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  • The International 7 - Final Matches Set for Saturday

    The International 7 - Final Matches Set for Saturday

    The final matches have been decided on for the International Dota 2 Championships for 2017. Tomorrow, Saturday, August 12 at KeyArena in Seattle, WA you will get to see LFY take on TeamLiquid in the lower bracket.

    The winner of that match will then take on Newbee in the best of five Grand Finals.

    You will get to see both matchups through the desktop Dota 2 client, on TV, at your local pub (maybe), and in VR. Feel free to pick your poison on where and how you want to watch it. These three teams will be trying to win the biggest chu...
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  • Luke Smith of Bungie to Deliver PAX West 2017 Keynote

    Luke Smith of Bungie to Deliver PAX West 2017 Keynote

    Hey look, it's Luke Smith from Bungie! He's working on Destiny 2. When he isn't working on Destiny 2 he's off doing the keynote speech for PAX West 2017.

    Let's get some information about Luck Smith and some of the newly announced panels and exhibitors coming to PAX West 2017.
    Smith joined Bungie in 2007, two years after publishing a feature titled "Broken Halo: Five Ways Bungie Can Fix Halo 2" during his time as News Editor at Since then, he has worked on Halo: Reach and Destiny as a systems designer, in addition to acting as the
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  • Destiny 2 Promos Jump the Shark - Exclusive Sparrow for Those with Virgin Fibre ISP

    Sure, Destiny 2 has gotten real damn close to jumping the shark on promotional tie-ins already with the partnership with Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts, but this one is taking it to a whole nother level. Customers on UK Virgin Fibre will get an exclusive Sparrow in Destiny 2. Those with Virgin Fibre will be able to claim a code from the Virgin Media website prior to December 13. This code will unlock the Sparrow for immediate use when the game launches on September 6. Yes, we're now at the point where games are giving out exclusives based on what ISP you h...
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  • Sudden Strike 4 Begins Launching on Computers and PS4 Today

    Sudden Strike 4 Begins Launching on Computers and PS4 Today

    Today, Sudden Strike 4 brings to you all the terror and action of World War II in the form of a real-time strategy game. Kalypso Media is tickled pink to begin releasing the game today on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the PS4 through digital distributors like Steam or the PlayStation Store.

    Specifically, Sudden Strike 4 is available today through Steam for all regions. A physical release and the PlayStation Store release come August 15 in North America. Europe has the physical release right now for all platforms.
    Today marks the return of a beloved
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  • No Man's Sky 1.3 Update Adds Multiplayer, Terrain Editing, Better Combat, and So Much More

    The 1.3 update for No Man's Sky is here! Among the many changes, improvements, and additions in this update are the beginnings of online multiplayer! Yes, nearly one year after the game launched and broke a lot of hearts, the team at Hello Games seems to have been super busy putting together one incredible update. Based on the changes in the 1.3 update, this could be one of the biggest turnarounds for a game I've yet seen.

    Up to 16 people can now adventure together, exploring planets cooperatively. Hello Games says that this is only the beginning, so expect to see more improvements made to the multiplayer going forward. You can edit terrain. New portals will take you to and from distant planets without the need of your ship. Space combat has been given a major boost. You can now properly fly when close to the planets' surfaces. And much more.

    Let's take a look at the 1.3 "Atlas Rises" update changelog....
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  • Deathmatch Coming to Overwatch

    Deathmatch Coming to Overwatch

    The latest developer update video from Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan reveals that Deathmatch is coming as a new mode for Overwatch. The mode and additional changes are available right now on the PTR.
    Game director Jeff Kaplan reveals a new game mode coming soon to the Arcade: Deathmatch!

    Play Deathmatch now on the PTR: 00:15 - Why didn't we add Deathmatch before? 00:57 - Deathmatch is coming to the Arcade! 01:25 - Overview of Free-For-All Deathmatch 02:28 - What maps will be used for FFA Deathmatch? 02:51 - New map
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  • For Honor Free Weekend and Sale for All Platforms

    For Honor Free Weekend and Sale for All Platforms

    Just like Saints Row IV, For Honor also has a free weekend through Steam until the 14th in addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also be on sale for the weekend on all platforms.

    The sale will take off 50% of the normal price on all platforms. This includes the Gold Edition that comes with the Season Pass. This sale lasts until August 20 on consoles and August 14 on PC.

    Ubisoft has also detailed what's coming in Season 3 of For Honor.
    New videos have arrived showcasing the new heroes
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