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Mixer is Shutting Down

Microsoft is pulling the plug on their streaming platform.

On July 22, Microsoft will officially close down their streaming service, Mixer, for good. The plan is to instead move all of its existing partners over to Facebook Gaming. This rather sudden announcement means that Mixer partners and streamers will be moving to Facebook Gaming beginning today.

According to The Verge, Microsoft "has struggled to reach the scale needed to Mixer to compete with Twitch, YouTube,...

Review: Disintegration

A terribly underwhelming take on the sci-fi FPS genre.

Disintegration, the debut title from V1 Interactive, places players in the shoes of Romer Shoal. Shoal was a former celebrity robot turned outlaw that leads a group of other current outlaws to take down the evil Rayonne. This is done through a lot of vehicle focused combat and some great character designs, but a terrible story with some surprisingly shallow gameplay. Though the game aims to become a real genre defining moment for...

Review: Maneater

A fun, albeit shallow, gameplay experience.

Maneater is one of those titles that is just the right amount of dumb fun. It pushes the dumb just far enough that you are not overly concerned with its obvious shortcomings. I suppose that any game that places you in the fins of a growing, angry as hell bull shark that can mutate and grow. These mutations provide your shark with gain special abilities is not a game that would ever take itself too seriously.

Maneater is a game...

High-Definition Shots of the PlayStation 5 Hardware

Direct from Sony.

Get a look at the PlayStation 5 and the newly announced peripherals in HD, just as God* intended. Not pictured is the DualSense controller, only because that was shown off already back in April.

*Or whomever. ...

Mass Effect and Battlefield Titles Added to Steam as EA Expands Presence

More EA titles appeared on Steam today.

EA continues to expand their presence on Steam with a number of titles being added from their expansive library of games. Some of the highlights from today's new additions include Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, and most of the recent Battlefield titles including Battlefield V and Battlefield 4.

This week's additions come less than a week after Command & Conquer Remastered Collection was released on Steam as well as Origin....
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  • Upcoming PUBG Patch Allows You to Spectate Your Killer

    Upcoming PUBG Patch Allows You to Spectate Your Killer

    There is a new sneak peak at the changes coming in the 1.0 Update #9 for PUBG. This update introduces some new spectate options, notably the ability to spectate the person that killed you. This new spectator option will be available for both solo and any of the team based modes.

    This update will begin on the test server and will move over to the live servers once the major issues are ironed out.
    Spectating Your Killer
    • Players can now spectate their killer by clicking
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War to Finally Remove Microtransactions and Fix Final Chapter Grind Ten Months After Release

    Before it was even released back on September 27, 2017, Middle-earth: Shadow of War was under fire for its rather extensive focus on purchasing chests, or loot crates, using real-world money. Players could "earn" rewards such as powerful AI fighters and other bonuses from these purchased chests. These powerful fighters were key to having a powerful defense in the Nemesis System, which tied directly into the game's online multiplayer. Because who doesn't like going up against a horde of powerful...
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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Caster Sadokist in Hot Water for Using Racial Slurs, Telling Viewers to Kill Themselves

    The somewhat well-known Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster, Sadokist, is finding himself in some hot water today after he let out at least one obvious racial slur and told his viewers to kill themselves.

    In the Streamable videos below, a couple of Sadokist's remarks are viewable. Be warned that the first video features a racial slur while the second link has him telling a viewer to kill themselves.

    Sadokist going with the hard "r" slur.
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  • Jurassic World Evolution Releases on June 12, 2018

    Jurassic World Evolution Releases on June 12, 2018

    The digital release of Jurassic World Evolution is slated to be released on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 12, 2018. Those of you who would prefer a physical release will have to wait until July 3. Jurassic World Evolution could perhaps be described as Sim Theme Park but with deadly dinosaurs.

    There are pre-orders available now through the Frontier Store. Those who pre-order before launch will get a platform-exclusive helicopter skin and a ranger vehicle skin. ...
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  • Red Faction Guerrilla Getting Remastered with 4K Resolution and Upgraded Visuals

    In a few months (exact date is not yet announced), Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered will be released for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. I mean, I can't really fault them for that pun there. It was there for the taking and take it they did.

    What can you expect from Red Faction Re-Mars-tered? Better texture resolutions plus support for things like specular maps, better shadows, better lighting, better shaders, better post-processing, and native 4K support.
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  • New Code Vein Screenshots

    New Code Vein Screenshots

    We have some new screenshots for you today for Code Vein. These were sent to you hot off of Bandai Namco's digital printing presses.
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  • PSA: Spec Ops: The Line Free on Humble for Limited Time

    PSA: Spec Ops: The Line Free on Humble for Limited Time

    For the next two days, you can pick up Spec Ops: The Line for free through Humble. What it may lack in fairly standard gameplay design the story more than makes up for it. Trust me, it's definitely worth checking out.

    Welcome to Dubai.
    Spec Ops: The Line is a new original title from 2K Games that features provocative and gripping Third-Person modern military Shooter gameplay designed to challenge players' morality by putting them in the middle of unspeakable situations
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  • Overwatch Teasing Blackwatch Themed "Uprising" Style Event for April 10

    Overwatch Teasing Blackwatch Themed "Uprising" Style Event for April 10

    Last year on April 10, Overwatch had their special "Uprising" event. Uprising included a special PvE mode that took you back to experience Tracer's first mission. It also included the usual update content like new skins, emotes, and the like.

    Today, Blizzard teased the return of an "Uprising" like event but something about it seems a little bit different.

    Some eagle eyed fans on Reddit noticed that the image quickly changes the word...
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  • No Man's Sky's "Next" Update Coming this Summer to PS4, PC, and... Xbox One

    No Man's Sky's "Next" Update Coming this Summer to PS4, PC, and... Xbox One

    Some big news today for No Man's Sky. Hello Games announced that a massive "Next" update for the game will be released this Summer. It will be free to those who own the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. Oh, also the game will be released on the Xbox One. Yep, the game that Sony once talked up quite a bit and was console exclusive for the PlayStation 4 will hit the Xbox One this Summer along with a new, free content update for everyone. It will also be released for or via WeGa...
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  • LEGO The Incredibles Announced

    LEGO The Incredibles Announced

    LEGO The Incredibles was officially announced today from WBIE and TT Games. The game is obviously based off of the popular Pixar superhero movies of the same name, including The Incredibles 2 which is due to hit theaters on June 15.

    Coincidentally, LEGO The Incredibles will also be released on June 15 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.
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  • Omensight Ushers in the End of the World on PlayStation 4

    Omensight Ushers in the End of the World on PlayStation 4

    Earlier today, Speahead Games announced that they will bring their next title, Omensight, to the PlayStation 4 in addition to the previously announced PC release. This news comes bundled with a new trailer for the game that focuses on the end of the world plus word about a PAX East 2018 appearance. First up, that PAX East news I just mentioned. If you're going to PAX East 2018 this year, be sure to check out the Spearhead Games booth (#17102) for your first look at Omensight. There will ...
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