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Discord Distances Itself from Gaming

Discord is now your place to talk.

Discord was built upon the idea of bringing gamers of all types together. It's certainly a big factor that prompted my friends and I to make the move to Discord from TeamSpeak and Ventrilo however long ago it's been now. We were a group of friends that played a lot of games together. We didn't like the quality of the service we were paying monthly for from the alternatives and decided to give Discord a try. We never looked back.


Cyberpunk 2077 New Trailer Revealed - 'The Gig'

A new trailer showcasing new footage, characters, and story.

Today, CD Projekt Red lifted the lid on a whole lot of new media and impressions for Cyberpunk 2077. A number of outlets have shared their first-hand experiences with a vertical slice of the game based on being able to play it for the past week or two now. Lucky SOBs, I'll tell you what. This all came together today in the release of those impressions to the web alongside a brand new official trailer from CD Projekt Red themselves....

Mixer is Shutting Down

Microsoft is pulling the plug on their streaming platform.

On July 22, Microsoft will officially close down their streaming service, Mixer, for good. The plan is to instead move all of its existing partners over to Facebook Gaming. This rather sudden announcement means that Mixer partners and streamers will be moving to Facebook Gaming beginning today.

According to The Verge, Microsoft "has struggled to reach the scale needed to Mixer to compete with Twitch, YouTube,...

Review: Disintegration

A terribly underwhelming take on the sci-fi FPS genre.

Disintegration, the debut title from V1 Interactive, places players in the shoes of Romer Shoal. Shoal was a former celebrity robot turned outlaw that leads a group of other current outlaws to take down the evil Rayonne. This is done through a lot of vehicle focused combat and some great character designs, but a terrible story with some surprisingly shallow gameplay. Though the game aims to become a real genre defining moment for...

Review: Maneater

A fun, albeit shallow, gameplay experience.

Maneater is one of those titles that is just the right amount of dumb fun. It pushes the dumb just far enough that you are not overly concerned with its obvious shortcomings. I suppose that any game that places you in the fins of a growing, angry as hell bull shark that can mutate and grow. These mutations provide your shark with gain special abilities is not a game that would ever take itself too seriously.

Maneater is a game...
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  • Cyberpunk 2077 Custom Xbox One X Console Announced

    Cyberpunk 2077 Custom Xbox One X Console Announced

    Orders open in June.

    CD Projekt Red just announced a super special and also super limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 themed Xbox One X. This is a collaboration between designers at CD Projekt Red and Microsoft. This 1TB Xbox One X features some unique elements that you really won't see on other official Xbox One designs.

    For instance, it includes some glow-in-the-dark features. There are custom panels, custom LEDs, color-shift effects, and textures. You ever want to just ...
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  • The Australian Love Affair with Gambling

    The Australian Love Affair with Gambling

    People all over the world have a real love-hate relationship with gambling. However, in Australia, you will find that more often than not, there is nothing but love for all of gambling's many forms. According to recent statistics, over 80% of all Australian adults engage in some form of gambling. This gives Australia the highest rate of gambling in the world by a considerable margin.

    The latest estimates suggest that around 5% of all Australian adults regularly play "pokies."...
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  • Minecraft with RTX Beta Now Available

    Minecraft with RTX Beta Now Available

    You now need a beefy rig to run Minecraft.

    The beta for Minecraft with RTX is now available on Windows 10. You can download it, play it, and if your PC supports it, you can even enable real-time ray tracing via RTX. There is also support for physically-based materials and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0. Of course, you'll need to have a supported GeForce RTX GPU to actually make "proper" use of the tech.

    A quick RTX on vs RTX off comparison can be seen below.

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  • Crysis Remastered Officially Announced

    Crysis Remastered Officially Announced

    You'll never be able to run it.

    Crytek just announced that they are remastering the first-person system killer called Crysis. Crysis Remastered is in development and is set to be made available this Summer for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. The Switch? Yes, the Switch. Crysis is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

    Joining Crytek on the development of this game is none other than Saber Interactive. Saber Interactive has developed and co-developed a...
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  • The Curious Case of Cooking Mama: Cookstar

    The Curious Case of Cooking Mama: Cookstar

    The truth is out there.

    On March 31, 2020 a new Cooking Mama game was released and then it suddenly wasn't. Cooking Mama: Cookstar was a new release for the Nintendo Switch that was pulled from the Nintendo eShop after maybe a day of being on sale, if that. It was even pulled from many retail stores, though you can still find it at some retailers such as Amazon or GameStop. The prices may be starting to climb on those listings though, so you may want to get it while the getting is...
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  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Out Now on Xbox and Coming to PC in May

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Out Now on Xbox and Coming to PC in May

    The MMO took just 8 years to arrive in North America.

    Today, Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) leaves early access on the Xbox One platform in North America. In May, this free-to-play MMO will make its North American PC debut. There is just one small catch about the PC release: It will be downloadable exclusively through the Microsoft Store.

    The good news is that there will be full crossplay between the Xbox One version and the PC version. I'm not sure anybody was really expecting...
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  • PSA: Free Games from PlayStation, Ubisoft, and More

    PSA: Free Games from PlayStation, Ubisoft, and More


    Just a quick public service announcement for all of you who are quarantined. You are staying inside, right? You better be. If you are, you might be bored! That's why a bunch of places are offering up some free games during these trying times.

    From today through April 17, 2020, you can add Assassin's Creed II Deluxe Edition to your Uplay account on the PC. It's free. Totally free. If you add it now, it's yours to keep forever and ever. Just be sure to add it...
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  • New Remnant: From the Ashes DLC Adds a New World and Survival Mode

    New Remnant: From the Ashes DLC Adds a New World and Survival Mode

    Journey into the Swamps of Corsus.

    Gunfire Games and Perfect World Entertainment announced some new DLC coming very soon to Remnant: From the Ashes. The Swamps of Corsus will task players with trying to survive a hostile new environment. This content will not be free, but will run you maybe $10 (USD)? The announcement says that it'll retail for £7.19, which converts to a bit over $9 in freedom money.

    Swamps of Corsus will be released on April 28 for the PC and can be...
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  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Reveal Trailer

    The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Reveal Trailer

    Slated to arrive this Summer.

    Bandai Namco snuck out a new trailer today for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope. This is the planned next installment to The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, which was released August of 2019. Supermassive Games has been working on these titles for a while now. Those who have played Man of Medan or their big hit, Until Dawn, should already know what to expect from Little Hope.

    There was already one teaser trailer released for Little Hope...
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  • Fallout 76 Hits Steam as Wastelanders Update Releases for Everyone

    Fallout 76 Hits Steam as Wastelanders Update Releases for Everyone

    A two for one special on Fallout 76 news.

    April 14 not only marks the release date for Fallout 76 on Steam, but it also marks the day in which the Wastelanders update released across all platforms. Those who have been holding off on picking up Fallout 76 because it was exclusive to the Bethesda launcher, because it was a terribly buggy mess for many months, or because of the lack of humans should wait no longer.

    Many of those previous concerns seem to be addressed now?...
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  • Newly Announced XCOM: Chimera Squad Set to Release on April 24

    Newly Announced XCOM: Chimera Squad Set to Release on April 24

    It's more than XCOM 2 but not quite XCOM 3.

    Talk about a surprise announcement! 2K and Firaxis announced an entirely new, standalone XCOM game today. It's called XCOM: Chimera Squad and it is set five years after the events of XCOM 2. Perhaps the best and most surprising part about today's announcement is the fact that XCOM: Chimera Squad is slated to be released on April 24, 2020 with a limited-time introductory price of just $9.99 (USD).

    As this is a game set five years...
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