Tetris Effect Coming to PC Next Week as Epic Store Exclusive

No word on if it's a timed exclusive.

The game that many called 2018's game of the year is coming very soon to the PC. That's right, Tetris Effect brings its psychedelic strategy-puzzle gameplay to a PC somewhat near you on July 23. Ah, but there is a catch, because of course there is.

In case you missed it, Tetris Effect is exclusive to the Epic Games Store. There is no saying whether or not this is a timed exclusive release, or if this third-party PC release will remain an exclusive to that launcher. This release will mark the first time that the game was available...

Horror Game Devotion May Not be Re-released

Developer says this may change, but not any time soon.

This past February, Taiwan-based Red Candle Games pulled their then newly released horror title, Devotion, from the Steam store. This came after it was discovered that the game had shipped with an Easter egg that references how China's president, Xi Jinping, looks like Winnie the Pooh. What followed was a wave of review bombing on Steam from upset Chinese citizens that continued to toe the line that the government has repeatedly pushed upon them.

The original plan from Red Candle Games was to remove the game from...

Introducing Steam Labs - A Place to Test New Steam Features

Launching today with three experiments.

Valve has just launched a new area on Steam where users can test out new, experimental features for Steam. They're calling this area the Steam Labs and it is here where users will be able to test out potential new Steam features. These tests may one day become commonplace on Steam, but for now they are mere experiments ripe for testing and potential changes based on user feedback.

If you ever used Gmail, you may already know what to expect from these Labs experiments. That is to say, there is no guarantee that they will be fully...

Nintendo Lite Announced - $200 Handheld Device Coming in September

Cheaper, smaller, colorful.

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite today. Priced at $199 (USD), this new iteration of the Switch hardware will be released on September 20, 2019. It will come in three different colors (Grey, Yellow, and Turquoise) at launch. A carrying case and a screen protector is also going to be available at launch for the Switch Lite.

Compared to its older brother, the Switch Lite will be a portable only device. You will not be able to dock the Switch Lite to a TV as you can with the regular Switch. In addition, the Switch Lite does not have...

Facebook Reportedly Bringing Splinter Cell Back... as a VR Game

Who wished on a monkey's paw?!

There is a story circulating today saying that Facebook may have already signed deals with Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell and a new Assassin's Creed title. That's not the weird part. The weird part here is that the deal is to create VR games in these two popular franchises. And since it's Facebook that pushed the deal, that would mean that the games would be Oculus "exclusive" and sold through their Oculus Store.

This is, at least right now, merely a rumor. It came to light today via The Information (full article is locked...
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  • Tera for PS4 and XB1 Releases for Free on April 3

    Tera for PS4 and XB1 Releases for Free on April 3

    The "true action MMO designed for consoles," TERA, will be released for free on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3, 2018. I'm guessing this means those who like actions games and those who like MMORPGs will find something to like with TERA.
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  • System Shock Reboot Project is Back In Development, Targeting Early 2020 Release

    The System Shock reboot/remaster/remake is back in active development, according to a report from PC Gamer. This is rather noteworthy because the last we knew, development was halted after they apparently ran out of funding. It was also a matter that the team felt they had diverted too far from the original vision of what they had hoped to accomplish with the remake.

    How will things differ now? For starters, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick said that they are shifting their focus back to what they first established with the Unity demo back in 2016. It doesn't mean that the game is going to switch away from using Unreal...
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  • First Look at New Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' Island Map Shared in Anniversary Video

    This past week, the lead developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds shared a "thank you" to the community that got them where they are today. That place? Probably piled floor to ceiling in money, but it's also a place where they can comfortably talk about what's in store for the still popular battle royale style game. Though the community can be a downright cesspool at the best of times, that hasn't seem to stopped the ongoing development of the game. PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, thanked the ever-raging community for their support while saying that their fans are "passionate" when they provide what is often nothing more than h...
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  • A Way Out Released via EA Originals Program

    A Way Out Released via EA Originals Program

    The Hazelight Studios developed co-op game, A Way Out, was released yesterday as part of the EA Originals program. For just $29.99 (USD), you and a co-op partner can play through a daring escape on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC.

    Keep in mind that you only need to purchase one copy of the game between the two of you! I'm not just talking about couch co-op either, which this game has. This ability to play co-op on just one copy of the game extends to all platforms.
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    A 16-episode saga of Russian businessmen Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov who built their own new Universe. The Universe of illegal online casinos, wild profits and law violations as a result. Laws of many counties were broken, but Ukrainian ones were disregarded the most. 

    The story begins in Moscow, in 2001, when 2 Russian businessmen Rustam Gilfanov and Sergei Tokarev founded a company, called Globo-Tech. ...
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  • Metro Exodus will be First PC Game to Use Real Time Ray Tracing Technology

    Metro Exodus will be First PC Game to Use Real Time Ray Tracing Technology

    During a GDC 2018 tech demo of Metro Exodus, developer 4A Games said that it will be the first game to make use of Nvidia's new RTX real-time ray tracing technology.

    If it's anything like the demos we've already seen at GDC this week, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high for this being something most people will be able to fully enjoy until years from now.
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  • Ubisoft Opening New Studios in Mumbai and Odesa

    Ubisoft Opening New Studios in Mumbai and Odesa

    Ubisoft seems to be doing quite well for itself these days, this week in particular has been a good one for the studio. The latest word is that they are opening up new studios in Mumbai, India and Odesa, Ukraine. The Mumbai studio will report to Jean-Philippe Pieuchot from the Pune Studio. Together with Pune, Mumbai will work on major Ubisoft franchises such as South Park, Just Dance, Far Cry, and more.

    In a comment to, Pieuchot said taht Mumbai was selected due to its "unique talent pool and large population." The Mumbai studio will open in June and will employ 100 people. The Pune location...
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  • Turns Out Announcing Tomb Raider Remasters Without Obtaining Permission is a Bad Idea

    About two weeks ago, a tweet went out by realtech VR saying that they were working on remastered versions of the first three Tomb Raider games. They said that these remasters would be coming to Steam and would be free updates to those who own the originals. It was even going to have a bunch of visual improvements such as SSAO, up to 16x AA (though that's arguably quite generic in this day and age), and 60fps gameplay (original game was 30fps). Visual overhauls and OpenVR support on the PC? Hey, not bad, right? Well, it turns out they never got permission to do this. Rather, realtech VR says that it's a "bit more complicated" ...
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is Reportedly Real and Won't Include Multiplayer

    Two separate sources have independently confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is indeed real. Both of these sources have also said that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is only the single player component from the original game.

    Sources have supplied this information to Charlie Intel and (presumably) other sources have separately supplied this information to Eurogamer...
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  • New Summerset Expansion Announced for The Elder Scrolls Online

    New Summerset Expansion Announced for The Elder Scrolls Online

    Bethesda Softworks announced that The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset will be the next major expansion for the ongoing MMORPG from ZeniMax Online Studios. Players will travel to the Summerset Isle for the first time since 1994's The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Players can obviously expect to explore this new zone, experience a new main storyline, obtain new Psijic Order skills, craft jewelry, and more. All of this begins on May 21 for the PC and June 5 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    It should also be noted that there are a few different versions to pick up here. There's the Standard Edition, Upgrade Edition, and the Collector's Edition. Each version has different rewards to offer, but pre-purchasing any of them will give you immediate...
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  • More Real Time Ray Tracing Demos from Epic Games and Futuremark

    More Real Time Ray Tracing Demos from Epic Games and Futuremark

    Fresh out of GDC 2018 come a few more tech demos showing off real time ray tracing technologies. These come just a day after Microsoft announced DirectX Raytracing along with support promised from Nvidia and AMD.

    First up is a tech demo from Epic Games. It's Star Wars themed and looks stunning, as you would expect. There is a catch, but we'll get to that after the video.
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