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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Adds Microtransactions to View Stats

CS:GO 360 Stats is a subscription service to see stats that were previously free to view.

An update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out last night that has angered some players. Ok, it's angered a lot of players out there. First off, Operation Broken Fang has come to an end. You will have until May 15th in order to claim your rewards for said operation.

There are, naturally, other changes included in this update. For instance, Valve has removed Train from the...

Borderlands 3 Cost Epic $146 million for Six Months of EGS Exclusivity

At least $80 million was guaranteed to 2K.

Another big reveal came today from the legal battle between Epic Games v. Apple. This time we learned a little bit about what it takes to buy off six months of exclusivity for the Epic Games Store. Specifically, we learned just what it took to make Borderlands 3 a six month Epic Games Store exclusive.

According to internal Epic finances from October 2019, Epic Games paid a total of $146 million (USD) to Borderlands 3 publisher...

Leaked Document Shows How Much Epic Paid for the Free Games on EGS

It apparently doesn't take much to sell your soul to the devil.

Another document from the ongoing Epic Games v. Apple case surfaced today that sheds some light on how much money some studios got for offering their game for free on the Epic Games Store. Revealed were the first nine months of free games offered through the Epic Games Store, how many free entitlements were given, the total buyout price that Epic paid, how many new accounts were made during the free period, and the price...

Two Leaked Images Surface for Battlefield 6

The leaks are flowing freely now.

Hot on the heels of a massive Battlefield 6 leaked information blowout comes two leaked screenshots from the upcoming game. These images were originally quite small but Reddit user, Uberkritz2, took it upon himself to use some A.I. upscaling to increase the resolution a bit.

You may doubt the images are authentic, but they were vouched for by known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson just a short time ago on Twitter.

The images...

CS:GO Betting Scammer PhantomL0rd Wins Case Against Twitch

Remember this guy? Of course you don't, nobody does.

Back in the far off time of 2016, Twitch dished out a lifetime ban against Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer James "PhantomL0rd" Varga. The reason for the ban was allegedly never made clear, only that Varga was ousted "due to terms of service violations." Of course, the reason he was banned was assumed to be due to the allegations that Varga was balls deep in the mess that was CS:GO skin bet rigging through...
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  • World’s Best Racehorses

    World’s Best Racehorses

    The history of horse racing goes back in history all the way to Ancient Egypt, Syria, and Babylon. Chariot racing was very popular in Ancient Greece and Rome and was included in the Greek Olympics. Racing was called the "Sport of Kings", and a good racehorse could cost a fortune. Nowadays, it remains one of the most popular types of equestrian sports. This article lists the greatest racehorses in recent Western history.

    5. Seabiscuit

    Foaled: 1933
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  • Square Enix is Not for Sale

    Square Enix is Not for Sale

    The company issued a statement today following rumors that they were up for grabs.

    This week, Bloomberg Japan ran an article that there were several parties interested in acquiring Square Enix. The article specifically cited "two bank officials familiar with the situation" as the basis for their claims. The rumor was so strong that stock in Square Enix rose 13.8% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange following the news.

    It only took a couple of hours before Square Enix...
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  • The Benefits Of Giving Up Smoking

    The Benefits Of Giving Up Smoking

    The choice to give up smoking is one of the most important ones that any smoker can ever make - this is because doing so will dramatically improve their health and wellbeing. This fact is true regardless of how old that person is and how long they have been smoking for.

    Although giving up something that is highly addictive is of course not the easiest thing to do, there are ways of making the process of giving up smoking for good that bit easier and more achievable. With Nu...
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  • Resident Evil 4 VR is Seemingly Exclusive to the Quest 2

    Resident Evil 4 VR is Seemingly Exclusive to the Quest 2

    PC VR users get screwed once again.

    Resident Evil 4 is about to be released on yet another platform. Though it's been released on everything under the Sun since its debut on the GameCube, there is one place it hasn't yet gotten to: Virtual reality. That's about to change as the much loved survival horror game was just announced for Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 today.

    This was announced during this evening's Resident Evil Showcase event. The Quest 2 port of the game will take...
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  • Mercenaries Mode Confirmed for Resident Evil Village

    Mercenaries Mode Confirmed for Resident Evil Village

    The fan favorite mode is back.

    A new game mode was announced today during the Resident Evil Showcase for Resident Evil Village. Though I say it's "new" it is actually a mode that has been included in a number of past Resident Evil titles and a mode that a lot of fans hold near and dear to their hearts. I am of course talking about The Mercenaries mode.

    This much beloved mode returns to the series with "rich content and rewards" that will keep fans engaged...
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  • Resident Evil Village Gets a Fourth Crazy Trailer

    Resident Evil Village Gets a Fourth Crazy Trailer

    Ethan? Ethan. Ethan!

    The fourth trailer for Resident Evil Village made its debut just moments ago during the second Resident Evil Showcaseevent. Along with this new trailer, we have some fresh screenshots to share with you.

    Resident Evil Village will be out on May 7 for PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC via Steam. Ahead of the game's full release, Capcom will release a new demo for players across all platforms. ...
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  • Here is the Confusing Release Schedule for the New Resident Evil Village Demo

    Because Capcom can't do anything like a normal company.

    There is a new demo coming soon for Resident Evil Village. For some people, the demo will arrive earlier depending on if you own a PlayStation console or not. Not only will the PS4 and PS5 get the demo before you, but there are also some considerations to be made for the timeframe in which you can even play the demo.

    It's a real convoluted mess that doesn't have to be convoluted at all, yet here we are. Take a look...
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  • Warzone Players are Returning to Battle as Zombies

    Warzone Players are Returning to Battle as Zombies

    The green gas is turning players into undead hunters.

    As Season 3 for Call of Duty: Warzone approaches, some big happenings are beginning to take place around the map. After an update released this morning, there are zones that are now marked as toxic that will turn players into zombies when they die there.

    Areas like Shipwreck and the Prison are now marked with the nuclear symbol. You can also tell you're in one of these affected areas by the "white flecks"...
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  • Rainbow Six Siege Gets a Rick and Morty Collaboration

    Rainbow Six Siege Gets a Rick and Morty Collaboration

    Yes... it's Pickle Rick.

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has just added in not one, but two new Rick and Morty bundles. One is an outfit inspired by Pickle Rick while the other is inspired by Gromflomites.

    The "Smoke Pickle Rick" bundle includes a Pickle Rick Rat Suit along with headgear for the defender Smoke. There is also a Portal Gun attachment skin along with a weapon skin and a Pickle Rick Charm. The "Sledge Gromflomite" bundle includes a Gromflomite...
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  • Days Gone PC Gameplay

    Days Gone PC Gameplay

    Launches May 18.

    The first gameplay video for the upcoming PC release of Days Gone was released today. We get a look at some of the journey Deacon St. John will take as he tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead. To do this, Deacon will traverse the Pacific Northwest by way of his "trusty Drifter bike."

    Deacon will navigate harsh terrain and search areas for supplies. He will engage in bartering with locals at camps and gear up for...
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  • Skate City Launches May 6

    Skate City Launches May 6

    Get your deck ready.

    On May 6, Skate City will kickflip its way on to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, and Steam. This release will run you $14.99 (USD) unless you pre-order through the Nintendo eShop or Epic Games Store, where pre-orders are just $9.99. The team says that the game will still be on sale for the first week following release.

    Skate City will take players to three different cities, all based off...
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