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Donkey Kong Country is Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

It's about time.

Those of you who wanted a little bit of the big DK in their lives may finally get their wish. Nintendo just announced that they will be adding Donkey Kong Country to Nintendo Switch Online starting on July 15, 2020. This SNES classic will be joined by two other titles: Natsume Championship Wrestling from the SNES and The Immortal from the NES.

Nintendo of America's tweet, seen below, does not indicate the pricing for any of these titles. ...

Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Wants to Make Metal Gear Animated Series

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants David Hayter back to voice Snake.

First off, yes there is a Metal Gear Solid movie still kind of in production. The movie's director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts isn't necessarily talking about the movie today. Instead, he's busy brainstorming a potential animated series that he wants to make based on the Metal Gear franchise. Not only does he want to do that after the film is complete, he wants to do it with David Hayter returning to play the voice of Snake....

Fallout TV Show in the Works from Westworld Creators

A new TV series is coming courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon Studios and Bethesda have partnered to create a TV series based on the Fallout franchise. It will be from Westworld creators' Kitler Films, led by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The two of them will serve as producers on this new Fallout show.

Bethesda's very own Todd Howard will serve as the executive producer on the Fallout TV series. Here is a bit from both Todd Howard and Kilter Films on this new production.

Discord Distances Itself from Gaming

Discord is now your place to talk.

Discord was built upon the idea of bringing gamers of all types together. It's certainly a big factor that prompted my friends and I to make the move to Discord from TeamSpeak and Ventrilo however long ago it's been now. We were a group of friends that played a lot of games together. We didn't like the quality of the service we were paying monthly for from the alternatives and decided to give Discord a try. We never looked back.


Cyberpunk 2077 New Trailer Revealed - 'The Gig'

A new trailer showcasing new footage, characters, and story.

Today, CD Projekt Red lifted the lid on a whole lot of new media and impressions for Cyberpunk 2077. A number of outlets have shared their first-hand experiences with a vertical slice of the game based on being able to play it for the past week or two now. Lucky SOBs, I'll tell you what. This all came together today in the release of those impressions to the web alongside a brand new official trailer from CD Projekt Red themselves....
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  • Call of Duty 2020 Title Card Leaked

    Call of Duty 2020 Title Card Leaked


    The title card for the next Call of Duty title has apparently leaked. Without further ado...

    So far it seems as though the jury is still out on whether or not this is a remake or of this will be the game rumored to take place during the Cold War. Hell, maybe it's both.

    According to the leak, the code name is "The Red Door/The Breach" for this title.

    (via Twitter)...
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  • PSA: Steam Hosting a Summer of Pride 2020 Sale

    PSA: Steam Hosting a Summer of Pride 2020 Sale

    Save big on existing games, and prepare for new releases.

    Valve just kicked off their Summer of Pride 2020 sale through Steam. This sale includes a number of LGBTQ+ focused titles. Not only are a lot of games on sale during this event, but it also is used to show off some upcoming titles that are LGBTQ+ focused.

    Some of those upcoming titles include Outer Wilds, Get in the Car, Loser!, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, and more.

    Some of the games on sale right...
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  • Bungie Announces Three New Full Expansions for Destiny 2

    Bungie Announces Three New Full Expansions for Destiny 2

    The new expansions will see some content cycled in and out of existence.

    As part of their pre-release stream for the current Season of Arrivals for Destiny 2, Bungie also let the cat out of the bag for the next three expansions. That's right, there are three expansions already announced for Destiny 2 that will be released through to 2022. It all begins this September with Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

    On September 22, 2020, Beyond Light will be released for Destiny 2. When...
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  • Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Launched

    Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Launched

    A new Season dawns.

    It's June 9, 2020 and that means only one thing: A new Season for Destiny 2 has just been released. Bungie kicked off the new season with a lengthy reveal stream roughly one hour before the new Season officially kicked off. During the stream, we not only got a taste of what was to come in this latest Season, but also a taste of what's to come for Destiny 2 over the next two years.

    First off, the new Season is officially being called Season of Arriv...
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  • Command & Conquer Remastered is 'One of the Greatest Remasters Ever Made'

    Command & Conquer Remastered is 'One of the Greatest Remasters Ever Made'

    Sorry Warcraft III Reforged.

    According to the technical gurus over at Digital Foundry, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is "one of the greatest remasters ever made" and an "exceptional piece of work."

    The classic real-time strategy title underwent a massive remastering undertaking for its 25th anniversary release. As we noted before, the Petroglyph developed title includes Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and three expansion packs: Covert Ops, Counterstrike,...
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  • PC Gaming Show Slated for June 13

    PC Gaming Show Slated for June 13

    A look at the studios that will show off new games.

    A list of the studios that will show off over 50 new games at the upcoming PC Gaming Show was just released. The PC Gaming Show is scheduled to air on June 13 at 11AM (PT).

    The PC Gaming Show will again be hosted by Sean "Day9" Plott and Frankie Ward. They will showcase these games from inside a secret LA sound stage. I say it's secret because they sure didn't announce an exact location for this thing. There...
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  • EA Play Event Rescheduled for June 18

    EA Play Event Rescheduled for June 18

    Just a note about the new date.

    EA had an event planned for this week I believe it was, but circumstances dictate that they move it back by a week. Those circumstances being the decision to allow the world to focus more on protesting police brutality than on something as inconsequential as video games. A wise decision.

    EA will instead hold their EA Play event on June 18 at 4PM (PT).
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  • PlayStation 5 Event Rescheduled for June 11

    PlayStation 5 Event Rescheduled for June 11

    Look for the latest on PS5 games later this week.

    The PlayStation 5 game reveal event from Sony was originally going to take place on June 4. That event was delayed due to the worldwide protests against police brutality. It just wasn't an appropriate time to hold such an event with more important matters going on.

    Though the event was postponed, it wasn't pushed back by very long. Sony announced today that they will now host their "Future of Gaming" PlayStation...
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  • Sky Sports to Partner with EA for Fake Crowd Noises

    Sky Sports to Partner with EA for Fake Crowd Noises

    Soccer just isn't soccer without the fans.

    Sky Sports, a UK broadcasting network, is teaming up with EA Sports in an effort to bring fans some virtual crowd noise to upcoming soccer matches.

    Come June 17, the Premier League will restart but it will do so in empty stadiums. That means for both the players and fans at home, the stadium crowd noises will be absent. You ever watch a professional sporting event without a crowd? Can you even imagine what that would be like?...
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  • Pirate Themed Update Releasing for Killing Floor 2

    Pirate Themed Update Releasing for Killing Floor 2

    The "Perilous Plunder" update is coming.

    An update that is slated to release "later today" for Killing Floor 2 will introduce some pirate themed booty for you to plunder. Everyone loves some good booty to plunder. The update, scheduled for release at some point today will be available for the PlayStation 4, box One, and PC via Steam.

    This update will mark the return of Summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Though technically Summer for...
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  • 4 Strategies For Making A Popular Video Game

    4 Strategies For Making A Popular Video Game

    Lots of amateur programmers all feel like they have a hit game in them. They dream of one day creating a game that takes the world by storm like an Angry Birds did or even something more complicated like a Civilization VI.

    This may seem like they have their heads in the clouds, but it could happen. If you are one of them then you can take your skills and apply them to creating a popular game. You just need to have the right strategy from the very beginning.

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