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Company that Spends Millions on Timed Exclusives Lays Off 16% of Employees

Around 16% of all Epic employees laid off.

Epic Games is laying off around 16% of all employees, as confirmed today by Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney. This 16% comes out to roughly 900 employees that have been laid off from the company that is responsible for Unreal Engine, Fortnite, and the Epic Games Store.

In Sweeney's letter to Epic employees, he says, "For a while now, we've been spending way more money than we earn." He blames Fortnite's push towards...

Counter-Strike 2 is Out Now

Counter-Strike is dead, long live Counter-Strike!

Without a press release in sight, Valve has launched Counter-Strike 2 to the world. This free-to-play release is available right now and will replace your current installs of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. True to Valve tradition, today's release is actually a little bit later than initially expected. During its initial announcement in March, Valve said Counter-Strike 2 would be out in summer. It is now fall, but they only missed...

Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

"All of Sony Systems" was allegedly infiltrated by a new ransomware group.

A new group of baddies claims that they have "successfully compromised all of Sony systems" in a new ransomware attack.

This report comes from Australian cybersecurity site Cyber Security Connect in a new post made on September 25. The report says that Sony was infiltrated by some hackers calling themselves, a group that reportedly began operations in September. Cyber...

RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

A solid sounding headset with dual-mode wireless, but what's the catch?

The RIG 600 PRO HS is a wireless gaming headset that offers excellent sound quality, comfort, and features at an affordable price. Though the HS model is geared mainly towards use with the PlayStation platform, it is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The RIG 600 PRO HS features dual-mode wireless connectivity, so you can use it with either the included USB-C dongle for 2.4GHz wireless or Bl...

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Officially Announced... Again

Development has shifted to The Chinese Room.

It lives once again. Paradox Interactive just released a new announcement trailer to re-announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The game and its development is alive and well here in September 2023. What's more is that there is a new trailer out for this fresh announcement and we're told that Bloodlines 2 will be coming in fall 2024.

To catch you up real quick on the saga of Bloodlines 2, we need to go all the way back...
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  • Tekken 8 Won't Use Denuvo

    Tekken 8 Won't Use Denuvo

    Harada says you all "sit the hell down" now.

    You won't have to worry about Tekken 8 including the anti-tamper and DRM software Denuvo. Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada flat out said on Twitter that the game will not include Denuvo "or anything else" like it.

    Harada made this announcement over on Twitter in response to a now-deleted tweet that showed Tekken's 8 End User License Agreement (EULA) mentions Denuvo under the third-party software category....
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  • Second Baldur's Gate 3 Update Fixes Protruding Dicks

    Second Baldur's Gate 3 Update Fixes Protruding Dicks

    Oh, and there are a bunch of other fixes included.

    The second post-release "hotfix" update for Baldur's Gate 3 was released a short time ago today. Sure, this update includes some nice fixes for a few game crashes, progression blockers, and other issues. However, the big news here is that penis options C and D will no longer clip through some of the githyanki clothing. Likewise, male gnome sorcerers are no longer missing their underwear.

    I know, we're all ve...
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  • Third DLC Expansion for Saints Row Released, Steam Version Soon

    Third DLC Expansion for Saints Row Released, Steam Version Soon

    If you need even more RP in your life, Saints Row has you covered.

    The third DLC expansion for Saints Row is now available to players. This content, A Song of Ice and Dust, takes players to the new district of Vallejo for a bit of live action role-playing.

    This new DLC includes five new campaign missions, a new enemy faction (The Frostlanders), four new vehicles, new weapons, and over 20 new outfits and cosmetics. Like the previous DLC expansions, you can play A Song of...
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  • Refurbished, Cheaper Steam Decks Now Sold by Valve

    Refurbished, Cheaper Steam Decks Now Sold by Valve

    A cheaper way to get a Steam Deck of your own.

    Valve just announced that they are now offering Certified Refurbished Steam Decks. These not-quite-new Steam Decks start at $319 (USD).

    The 64GB model is the one that starts at $319. The 256GB model is $419 and the 512GB is $519. This is a savings of roughly $70, $110, and $130 respectively from buying a new unit.

    All of these Certified Refurbished Steam Decks have been refurbished by Valve and "have been...
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  • Alien's Xenomorph Comes to Dead by Daylight

    Alien's Xenomorph Comes to Dead by Daylight

    Ellen Ripley is also joining as a new Survivor.

    A long-requested collaboration for Dead by Daylight is finally happening. Starting today in the Public Test Build (PTB) of Dead by Daylight, players will get to play as the Xenomorph from the Alien films. Not only that, but Ellen Ripley joins the game as a new Survivor. Then on top of all of that is a new map based on the Nostromo Wreckage.

    If you aren't too keen to opt into the PTB to try out this Alien themed content early,...
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Releases November 10, 2023

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Releases November 10, 2023

    So, we are getting a full sequel this year then?

    Activision said in February 2022 that there wouldn't be a major Call of Duty release in 2023. Today, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 10, 2023.

    This release date announcement comes from a short teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3. In the teaser, we get small bits of dialogue from Captain Price and Phillip Graves, the head of Shadow Company. If you played Call of Duty:...
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  • Street Fighter 6 to Collab with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Street Fighter 6 to Collab with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Custom avatars will get some TMNT gear to use.

    During this weekend's Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2023, Capcom shared a new reveal with Street Fighter 6 fans. On August 8, Street Fighter 6 players will be able to customize their avatars with various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gear and emotes.

    In addition to the avatar cosmetics, there will also be some TMNT-themed Titles, chat stamps, mobile wallpapers (for your in-game phone), and camera themes. Capcom does say...
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  • Rockstar Disappoints Fans by Announcing Red Dead Redemption for Switch and PS4

    Our expectations were low, but holy f---

    For months now, rumors have been swirling that Rockstar Games was working on a modern release of their beloved Old West action title, Red Dead Redemption. Those rumors even included the idea that Rockstar was working on a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, though those rumors were hit by another rumor saying that the studio canned the idea following the poor reception to the GTA Trilogy.

    Following word that the remaster was canned,...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Receives First Hotfix Update

    Baldur's Gate 3 Receives First Hotfix Update

    Several bugs have already been fixed just a day after release.

    Baldur's Gate 3 came out just a day prior and it has already received a rather substantial hotfix update. The update, out August 4, 2023, addresses several crashes and bugs players have encountered most often in these initial 24 hours.

    Though unconfirmed, it is assumed that many of these fixes will be included right out of the gate for when the game launches on the PlayStation 5 next month.

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  • Remnant 2 Receives Massive Update

    Remnant 2 Receives Massive Update

    Performance improvements, bug fixes, balance adjustments, and more.

    A big update for Remnant 2 was released earlier today. This update from developer Gunfire Games is the first major post-launch update for this third-person shooter.

    The update, simply called 08.04.23 (the date they were released), includes some early performance improvements, tons of fixes, and a myriad of different balance adjustments to weapons, skills, and items. Perhaps most important are the fixes...
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  • Embracer Group Starts to Close Studios After Multi-Billion Dollar Deal Falls Through

    The company announced in June it would start closing studios and laying off employees.

    Campfire Cabal has been shut down by Embracer Group. Campfire Cabal is the first studio being shut down by Embracer after a deal worth $2 billion (USD) fell through several months back.

    The closure of Campfire Cabal was first shared on LinkedIn (via bogorad222 on Twitter) by Bruno-Christian Belibou, the now former executive producer at Campfire Cabal.

    Campfire Cabal first...
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  • Valve Hits Reset Button on CS:GO Tournaments

    Valve Hits Reset Button on CS:GO Tournaments

    No business agreements allowed between pro teams and tournament organizers.

    For years now, Valve has kept a rather hands-off approach to the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. That's all about to come to an end as the studio announced major sweeping changes to the rules that apply to CS:GO tournament organizers.

    Despite these statements being made today, August 3, 2023, the changes will not go into effect until 2025.

    In short, these changes...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 is Out Now on PC

    Baldur's Gate 3 is Out Now on PC

    No longer in Early Access, the full game is here, bear sex and all.

    Larian Studios has just released their Dungeons & Dragons fueled RPG that has been in development for about six years and in Early Access for about three years. Today's release is for the full game and can be picked up for PC on Steam, GOG, and Nvidia GeForce Now.

    Today's release of Baldur's Gate 3 comes more than 20 years after the release of Baldur's Gate 2.

    Players will have 12 classes...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Probably Not on Xbox Until 2024 Due to Series S

    Baldur's Gate 3 Probably Not on Xbox Until 2024 Due to Series S

    There is no exclusivity deal, it's simply a matter of the Xbox Series S.

    An Xbox release of Larian Studios' Baldur's Gate 3 is still coming but it probably won't be out for a long while. The reason isn't due to any sort of timed exclusive deal inked with Sony, but rather because of issues related to the Xbox Series S.

    Larian Studios' director of publishing Michael Douse took to Twitter to very heavily imply that issues related to Microsoft's weaker Series console may not...
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  • Poll: What Do You Think About AI Generated Content?

    Poll: What Do You Think About AI Generated Content?

    I support the use of AI in any and all cases (Full AI articles, image creation, fully recreating a person's voice, etc.)
    I support the use of AI but only when it is used to help humans ("Smart" writing suggestions, search engine results, smart home devices, etc.)
    I do not support the use of AI in any situation

    The poll is expired.

    The future of "journalism" or a never ending disaster?

    Over the past several months, many media outlets have made major pushes to automate their content output with AI generated articles. Some groups, such as Gamurs, had the audacity to put up a job listing for an AI Editor that would help facilitate the creation of 250 AI generated articles per week. That situation is made all the worse by the fact that Gamurs had just laid off roughly 40% of its workforce only a month before...
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