Diablo 4 is Always Online and Includes Microtransactions

This is the Diablo you pictured, right?

Yesterday, Blizzard took time away from appeasing China to kick off their two day BlizzCon event for 2019. One of yesterday's big reveals was the announcement that Diablo 4 is coming. What they didn't share in their reveal announcement to the public is the fact that Diablo 4 will require an online connection.

Not only that, but Diablo 4 will include microtransactions. Of course, all of this has a chance to change over the course of development, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Speaking of development,...

Diablo 4 Officially Announced - First Details, Screens, and More

The franchise returns to its dark roots.

Another unsurprising reveal at this year's BlizzCon was the announcement of Diablo IV. The sequel to the colorful action-RPG that is Diablo III promises to tone back the color gamut a wee bit, with hopes of appeasing fans of Diablo II.

As with the other reveals made today, Diablo IV does not yet have a release date. However, we do know that it's in development for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. So far we know of three classes: Druid, Barbarian, and Sorceress. We also know that you will be traveling...

Blizzard Loses Major Sponsor After Ban on 'Free Hong Kong' Hearthstone Pro

Blizzard continues to feel the impact of their ban of Hearthstone player Blitzchung.

It has been noticed by a number of Hearthstone fans that Mitsubishi's logo was no longer showing up during a recent Asia Pacific tournament for the game. Those on Reddit first noticed the missing logo. From there, it was confirmed by Mitsubishi that they have pulled their sponsorship from Blizzard.

This confirmation was made to The Daily Beast. Specifically, the branch that pulled its sponsorship from Blizzard was Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan, the Taiwanese branch...

EA to Bring EA Access and Games to Steam

Don't call it a comeback.

Today, an announcement from both EA and Valve seem to confirm some rumors that started to kick up over the past couple of weeks. That is correct, EA games are making a return to Steam. The plan is to bring over features like EA Access in addition to bringing over individual games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Electronic Arts made the full announcement just a short time ago. They say that starting in Spring, EA Access will be made available through Steam. EA Access is their subscription service that allows you to...

Death Stranding Confirmed for PC

It's confirmed for Summer 2020.

Death Stranding is confirmed to hit PC in early Summer 2020. This was announced earlier today by Kojima Productions on Twitter. If you don't feel like waiting, there is still the PlayStation 4 release of the game coming up on November 8, 2019.

On the PS4 side, Sony is acting as the game's publisher. For the PC release, 505 Games will serve as the publisher. As it's 505 Games, it's a bit of a toss up right now on which PC storefronts Death Stranding will appear on initially. 505 Games published Control, which is...
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  • New Trailer and Release Date Reveal for Upcoming RTS Bannermen

    New Trailer and Release Date Reveal for Upcoming RTS Bannermen

    Bannermen is an upcoming real-time strategy game from Pathos Interactive. The devs, alongside publisher 2tainment, released a new trailer today showing off the game. In addition to this new trailer, the two have also revealed that the game will be released on February 21, 2019 for the PC via Steam.

    What sets Bannermen apart from other RTS titles is the fact that is adds in some special magical spells in addition to the typical RTS gameplay. ...
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  • Yakuza Kiwami Launches on PC via Steam February 19

    Yakuza Kiwami Launches on PC via Steam February 19

    The Steam page for Yakuza Kiwami went up a long while back and the wait, at least for some users, has been a bit unbearable. Thankfully, development of the PC release has seemingly wrapped up because a release date was finally revealed and it is February 19, 2019.

    For $19.99, you too can experience the ending of the beginning of the franchise, since Kiwami picks up after the events that began the beginning in Yakuza 0, which came out on PC a few months ago.

    We have reviews up here at Total Gaming Network for both Yakuza 0 and Yakuza K...
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  • New Metro Exodus Trailer Shows Off New Weapons and Mod System

    New Metro Exodus Trailer Shows Off New Weapons and Mod System

    A new trailer for Metro Exodus came out today, this time showcasing some of the new weapons that Artyom will get to use during his action-filled adventure. Another trailer?

    It feels like only the other week where we were given news about a special pre-order poster, the incredibly rare Metro Exodus Master Artyom Edition, the reveal of the game's photo mode, and the premiere of the Metro Exodus story trailer.

    According to 4A Games and Deep Silver, the weapon system has been completely overhauled from the previous game. For you, this translates...
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  • Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 'Rules' Launch Trailer

    Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 'Rules' Launch Trailer

    The launch trailer for Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 dropped today. The second episode is entitled "Rules" and will be released on Thursday, January 24 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

    Rules picks up a few months after the end of the first episode. Both Sean and Daniel are still on the run from the police after what happened in Seattle. In addition to being on the run, the two are trying to figure out just what the deal is with the newly discovered supernatural power.

    Episode 2 takes into account your save game from The...
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  • North American Street Fighter Pro League Esports Series Announced

    North American Street Fighter Pro League Esports Series Announced

    Capcom announced a new esports series for Street Fighter. It's aptly being called the "North American Street Fighter Pro League" and as the name implies, it's opening the doors to professionals and newcomers in North America. It will feature 3 vs 3 team battles in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with up to six teams formed from a mix of players.

    The tentative start date for the North American Street Fighter Pro League will happen at some point this Spring....
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  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider 'The Nightmare' DLC is Out Now

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider 'The Nightmare' DLC is Out Now

    Some fresh content just dropped today for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The new DLC is called The Nightmare and it once again takes players back to Croft Manor. As expected, the DLC is "free" to those that already own the Season Pass for the game. It's also being sold separately on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

    The Season Pass is still going for $29.99 (USD). Purchased on its own, this DLC will set you back just $4.99. In addition to the new content, this DLC comes alongside a new update to the game that adds in even more of...
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  • Beat Cop Arrives on Android

    Beat Cop Arrives on Android

    If you want to be a cop walking the beat on the go, you should probably take a look on the Google Play Store. Starting today, the first mobile release of Beat Cop arrives for Android devices. iOS users won't have long to wait though, because Beat Cop will hit the App Store later this month.

    At release, the game will be available to download for free. This free trial offers up a look at the beginning of the game. If you like what you play, you can unlock the full game for $4.99 (USD).

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  • Hbomberguy's Donkey Kong 64 Charity Marathon Raises Over $340,000 for Trans Youth

    Notable YouTube personality Hbomberguy spent his weekend playing Donkey Kong 64 for nearly 60 hours in an effort to raise money for the trans youth rights group Mermaids. It wasn't just a normal run either. Hbomberguy, real name Harry Brewis, set out to conquer the game with 101% completion, a feat which is not at all a mere walk in the park.

    Members of the LGBTQ+ community were not the only ones showing a massive outpouring of support for the stream. Over the course of the marathon, Hbomberguy had a number of notable figures calling in to chat and...
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  • Gaming's Biggest Disappointments 2018

    Gaming's Biggest Disappointments 2018

    2018 sure was a long decade. Let us forego the boring introduction and just get into gaming's biggest disappointments of 2018. The games seen here are only games that I played, with the exception of one of them. I am sure there are other terrible games, but I probably did not play them.

    The Quiet Man
    The Quiet Man is just straight up trash with no redeeming qualities. This game has quickly taken the title of "the worst game I have ever played in my life." The action was pathetic. The controls were garbage. The character animation...
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  • Riot: Civil Unrest will Soon Offer 'Real-Time Riot Simulation' in February

    Riot: Civil Unrest will Soon Offer 'Real-Time Riot Simulation' in February

    Merge Games announced today that Riot: Civil Unrest will offer up some real-time riot simulation gameplay when it launches on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch starting on February 5. The studio is calling Riot: Civil Unrest a "thought-provoking experience" that actually places you right in the middle of some actual, real-world confrontations.

    Huh... ...
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  • New Trailer for Hardcore Fantasy Adventure 'Outward'

    New Trailer for Hardcore Fantasy Adventure 'Outward'

    Today, Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots have released a new Developer Diary for their upcoming "hardcore fantasy adventure" called Outward.

    The video shows off some of the variety present in the game's environments. It also includes a look at some of the mechanics for your backpack. ...
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