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More Details on the Return to Classes in Battlefield 2042

Classes are coming back to Battlefield very soon. Here's what you need to know.

​We have known for a while now that DICE has been planning to re-introduce the traditional Battlefield Class system into Battlefield 2042. Today, DICE took the time to provide a lengthy write-up talking about the changes that are being made in order to add Classes into a game that really didn't have any.

DICE opens their write-up by saying that "Specialists at launch were polarizing to...

Update to Stadia Controllers Ensures a Life After Death

An update will allow you to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices.

According to the watch I don't own, Google Stadia is now probably shut down. Well, if it's not at the time of posting, it probably will be by the time you read this. Stadia was set to shut down on January 18th and, well, it's now January 18th.

At the 11th hour, Google released a new support tool that will allow those with a Stadia Controller to use it as a general Bluetooth controller. Without the use of...

Games to Look Forward to in 2023

I won't lie. I fully expected there to be far more news to post today (January 2, 2023) given that it's the start of the week and the holidays are "technically" over. What I failed to realize is that a ton of people are still off work due to the New Year falling on a Sunday. Thus, here I am opting to do a little write-up about what games I'm looking forward to in 2023 instead of sitting around doing nothing. Who knows, maybe you're looking forward to these games as well. If I missed some games ...

Total Gaming Network's 2022 Games of the Year

It is time once more to talk about the best games that have come out over the past year. As the case has been with previous years, this list of games only includes the titles that I have personally played to some degree. In addition, the games on this list are games that were released in 2022 unless otherwise stated for some specific reason. As I am the only one posting content on the site, this is as much a "Total Gaming Network Game of the Year" as it is my personal Game of the Year selection. ...

Review: High on Life

A fun little adventure that fuses crass humor with some DOOM-style combat.

High on Life opens strong and just gets better the further into the game you go. It was a game that I remember being on the fence about for the longest time. In fact, I did not even remember submitting for a review copy, but I apparently did! So, it was with a fair bit of hesitation that I accepted the code, downloaded the game, and started the journey. Any worry I might have had was quickly laid to rest within...
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  • RPG-themed Steam Digital Tabletop Sale is Now Underway

    RPG-themed Steam Digital Tabletop Sale is Now Underway

    Perfect for those that like tabletop games but also video games.

    Valve just launched their latest Steam Digital Tabletop Fest. The latest is focused on RPG games and runs from today, October 21st through to October 25 at 10AM (PT). This sale is perfect for those that like tabletop games but prefer that they come in video game format instead. It's an odd paradox, but it makes sense in a weird sort of way.

    I'm not going to pretend like I understand how you can have a tabletop...
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  • No Man's Sky's Newest Expedition Features a Giant Dune-like Worm

    No Man's Sky's Newest Expedition Features a Giant Dune-like Worm

    But will there be any spice?

    Hello Games just keeps on delivering the goods when it comes to No Man's Sky. The game's newest expedition, Emergence, tasks players with hunting down a massive space worm, eliminating the "wretched Hungering Tendrils," and then collecting "the Vile Spawn that lingers behind."

    Expeditions were first added to No Man's Sky in March 2021. They are structured chunks of adventures that players can optionally partake of. These...
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  • Next-gen Upgrades for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are Delayed

    Next-gen Upgrades for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are Delayed

    Fans will need to wait a bit longer for all that upgraded eye candy.

    CD Projekt Red announced that they would release a next-gen version of The Witcher 3 would be coming at some point in 2021. The studio announced this free, next-gen upgrade back in September 2020, but as 2021 is nearing an end CD Projekt Red realized that they just won't make their deadline.

    The development studio just announced that they are pushing back the release date from a nebulous 2021 window to...
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  • 'The Hidden' Game Mode Coming to Pavlov VR

    'The Hidden' Game Mode Coming to Pavlov VR

    Fans of The Hidden: Source have reason to rejoice.

    Once upon a time, there existed a Half-Life 2 mod called The Hidden: Source. It actually began life as a mod for the original Half-Life before a new team brought it to Source. Technically, the mod still exists now but it hasn't been updated in years. For a time, it was hugely popular and still manages to have a handful of dedicated players these days.

    In The Hidden: Source, one person played as "The Hidden,"...
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  • New Starfield Trailer Shows Off 'Settled Systems' and Factions

    New Starfield Trailer Shows Off 'Settled Systems' and Factions

    War. War never changes... even in space.

    Bethesda released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi, space-themed, RPG we have come to know and love as Starfield. This new trailer provides us all with a look at some of the game's setting, which seems to be a "small pocket of the Milky Way." This place is called the Settled Systems and they are inhabited by a bunch of different, potentially dangerous factions.

    These Settled Systems are located about 50 light years...
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  • Bungie is Being Greedy Again as Studio Plans to Charge Extra for New Dungeons

    And you all thought it was because of Activision.

    Bungie has officially confirmed that two new Destiny 2 dungeons that are planned to be released in 2022 will not be included in the Season Pass or even the Standard Edition of the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. Instead, Bungie states that you will either need to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen or purchase the dungeons separately later.

    Bungie actually announced this back in August when they...
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  • God of War is Coming to PC in January

    God of War is Coming to PC in January

    God of War in 4K resolution, high framerates, and plenty of bells and whistles? Hell yes.

    2018's God of War is making its way from PlayStation to PC on January 14, 2022. This news was announced a short time ago today by Sony. This PC release will be hitting both Steam and the Epic Games Store at the same time early next year. Pre-purchases for the game are just $49.99 (USD).

    Each purchase of the PC release includes some bonus digital content such as the Death's Vow armor...
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  • Xbox Game Pass Growth Misses Microsoft's Target

    Xbox Game Pass Growth Misses Microsoft's Target

    The subscription service is growing, but not as Microsoft hoped for.

    Some subscriber growth data for Xbox Game Pass were revealed today in a new financial filing by Microsoft. According to the filing, growth of Xbox Game Pass subscribers has been slower than what Microsoft hoped for over the past 12 months.

    According to the document, Xbox Game Pass subscriber growth was up 37% for the 12 months ending on June 30th. However, Microsoft apparently had a growth goal for that...
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  • New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly in Development

    New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly in Development

    Hey look, it's this rumor again.

    It is once again time to toss out another new rumor about a Splinter Cell game being in active development at Ubisoft. The latest one comes from VGC who cites multiple anonymous "development sources" that claim a new Splinter Cell game is in the earliest stages of development. These sources suggest that there's a small chance that the game will maybe be announced in 2022.

    The VGC article, written by Tom "let's toss a bunch...
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  • Microsoft Announces 20th Anniversary Xbox Event

    Microsoft Announces 20th Anniversary Xbox Event

    Just don't expect to see any new games.

    Courtesy of the Xbox Wire, Microsoft announced that they will hold a special Xbox Anniversary Celebration on November 15 at 1PM (ET). This event will celebrate 20 years of the Xbox brand being around. It's not really clear what Microsoft will show during this event, but we do know that they won't be showing off any new games at least.

    The company says specifically that "we won't show any new games." Just so we're totally...
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  • As Expected, Activision Blizzard is Looking to Weasel Way Out of California Lawsuit

    The game studio has requested additional time in order to investigate potential ethics violations.

    Activision Blizzard has just requested for additional time in their legal battle against the California Department of Fair and Equal Housing. The studio says that they need time in order to investigate and possibly disqualify the lawsuit that was brought on by the DFEH back in July 2021. This request stems from a potential ethics violation that sprung up from its other legal battle that...
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  • Scalpers Already Selling Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

    Scalpers Already Selling Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

    There is nothing that a scalper won't sell.

    The Xbox Series X mini fridge that went up for sale this morning. All stock seemingly sold out in under 15 minutes according to some hopeful buyers on Twitter. This mini fridge is modeled after the Xbox Series X game console and retails for just $99.99 (USD).

    Naturally, there are already plenty of listings on eBay from a number of scalpers that are trying to sell the mini fridge for more than double at the cheapest and more than...
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  • PlayStation 5 Dethrones Switch as the Top Selling Console for September 2021

    PlayStation 5 Dethrones Switch as the Top Selling Console for September 2021

    Well, for one month at least.

    The Nintendo Switch has been the top-selling console in the United States for 33 months straight according to data gathered by the NPD Group. That all came to an end in September 2021 when the NPD Group showed that the PlayStation 5 was the top-selling console for the month. The PlayStation 5 sold the most consoles and made the most money compared to the competition.

    The Nintendo Switch has been the best selling console every month since November...
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  • Reason for Kingdom Hearts on Switch Being Limited to the Cloud Revealed

    Reason for Kingdom Hearts on Switch Being Limited to the Cloud Revealed

    PLACEHOLDER <Insert some witty Final Fantasy VII Cloud joke here> PLACEHOLDER

    In speaking with Nintendo Life, Kingdom Hearts series producer Ichiro Hazama revealed why the decision was made to be playable only through the cloud on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the cloud streaming option is the only way that players will get to experience the Kingdom Hearts games on the Nintendo Switch when they release in 2022.

    Ichiro Hazama told Nintendo Life that the decision to...
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  • New Apex Legends Character Announced for Next Season

    New Apex Legends Character Announced for Next Season

    The new character is also coming alongside a new weapon.

    Dr. Ashleigh Reid was a character that was first introduced in Titanfall 2. The character, in their current identity, will soon be coming to Apex Legends as the game's newest playable character. She was a Simulacrum Pilot in Titanfall 2.

    Now known as Ash, she was turned into a Simulacrum after betraying her colleagues and getting stabbed in the process. Ash is already familiar to a number of Apex Legends players...
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