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  • Forum Re-organization

    You may notice that the forums look a little different now. Given the nature of forums in this day and age, it makes some sense that we start to consolidate a bunch of sections, so I did just that.

    Every community discussion that previously appeared in the general Total Battlefield, Total Call of Duty, and Total Valve can now be found under Total Gaming.

    Everything that remained from Off Topic, including Community Polls, and Tech Center, can now be found under Network. Old links to threads that you may have had bookmarked for whatever reason should still work. If you had a direct link to something as general as "Off Topic" then no, that isn't going to work. You'll have to update your bookmark.

    All of the news that I posted to Total BF/CoD/Valve have been moved to Gaming News along with the more non-section specific news I've posted there. This includes all of the old picture of the day/week stuff. This will not change main site specific sections. That means all Battlefield news will still be the only thing that shows up at Total Battlefield, all Call of Duty news still shows up at Total Call of Duty, and all Valve related news is still going to be found at Total Valve.

    News from all three sections will still show up as part of the main index feed, just as they have been for years now. The only thing that changes is that the forum posting part of all of these are now together in one area.

    I have hidden sections such as Clan Promotion, News Submissions, POTW (the new one that we only used like three times), Picture of the Week Submissions (used never), and Feedback. I may move back News Submissions and Feedback if it seems necessary. But since Feedback hasn't had anything posted in it since 2014 and News Submissions had just one post in 2017 and two in 2016, I kind of feel like it was a safe bet to move those.

    Feel free to let me know if you see anything amiss. Let me know if you are unable to post threads/posts in areas you think you should be allowed to. Let me know if you see things you probably shouldn't or don't see things that you probably should. Feel free to say whether or not the idea sucks or what you would change.

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    It looks nice, a lot cleaner.
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