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Article: Destiny Beta Code Giveaway from Total Gaming Network - Contest Has Ended

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  • Article: Destiny Beta Code Giveaway from Total Gaming Network - Contest Has Ended

    Apparently, when you get into the Destiny beta, Bungie gives you two spare codes to redeem. Problem is, everyone else I know either already has a code or doesn't have a PS4, so I'm left with these two spare codes just going to waste.

    If you would like one of these two codes, simply leave a reply below as to why you want it. If you do not see your post showing up, don't worry about it as I have to verify before it shows up publicly. Do not double post and do not post more than once in this thread!

    This is going to be a quick giveaway since I want people to get the key on today, the first day of the beta.

    • One post = One entry.
    • Only make ONE post per person.
    • You must own a PlayStation 4. If you do not own a PS4, this giveaway isn't for you as these codes will ONLY work on the PS4. I repeat, these codes are ONLY FOR THE PLAYSTATION 4.
    • We assume no responsibility if the codes provided to winners do not work. These codes are just sitting in my email. I redeemed only one for personal use (obviously) with the other two untouched. It's not my problem nor fault if someone somehow got a duplicate key or used some sort of generator and got the same key.
    • THIS CONTEST WILL END at 5PM (ET). That is roughly an hour and a half from when this will go up on the main Total Gaming Network site.
    • Winners will be selected by putting your post number into a random number generator and selecting two winners. I'm not playing favorites based on post count or how long you've been a member here.
    • If you joined up for this contest, maybe stick around a bit, post some stuff, have some fun?

    So, good luck! I'll look at this thread around 5PM, give or take to announce the winners. If you are one of the winners, I'll PM you your code once I verify you're actually there.