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  • Merry Christmas from TGN

    Just a quick note to wish everyone (that celebrates it) a Merry Christmas for 2013!

    Don't expect there to be much news going on this week. I may not have much planned that would prevent news from going up but I doubt there will be much coming in from publishers and developers for the next week or so, at least until 2014. I might get some content up and I'm thinking about possible game of the year stuff for 2013.

    I think it will just be some written pieces since the thought of writing a script, recording, getting everything edited, and then finally uploaded for a big list style video just isn't all that appealing right now (sorry!). Here's a hint: GOTY 2013 is totally coming down to the wire between Infestation: Survivor Stories and SimCity.

    There may be a quick confirmation news post on Christmas about snow coming to Grand Theft Auto Online since some hidden files were discovered that points to this happening. Don't forget that there are sales going on at Steam, GOG, and Green Man Gaming. I'm sure there are a ton of other sales going on, but these are the three I know of off the top of my head.

    So yeah, Merry Christmas and feel free to share what you received in a comment below or elsewhere on the forums.