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TGN Status Update for the Week of September 16, 2012

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  • TGN Status Update for the Week of September 16, 2012

    I believe I also forgot to mention that there will be a review up for Battlefield 3: Armored Kill in addition to the stuff mentioned in the video. There will also be a review for an indie title called Colour Bind, which is coming to Steam on the 24th of this month.

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    As a side note: There's a trick to get my videos monetized again without having to wait a month for them to simply say I don't own the rights to my own face, voice, or white wall.

    Also, I guess I can now have custom thumbnails. Big whoop.


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      One of the issues I have with Black Mesa is that I think they made the game kind of overly comedic. There were tons of new lines given to NPCs that weren't in the original game (and many original lines were removed) and almost all of them just seem to be jokes and/or references to the original Half-Life game or the HL universe in general. Reminds me of like a parody of some sort. I was waiting to be drawn into the world and story like back then but the game just doesn't seem to take itself seriously. So neither can I as much as I wanted.

      Another thing is the AI and difficulty. I haven't tried what effects all of the difficulty settings have but on Normal mode, the enemies (notably Soldiers) just seem unrealistically tough. They have a super good aim even from a great distance, they have super reflexes, you only need to show your toenail from around a corner for one millisecond and you already might have lost a great deal of health. And once they spot you, you can't surprise them in any way or hide from them. From time to time they just appear in front of you soon enough and start shooting instantly.

      Still I have to say that the maps look great and the amount of detail is amazing. For such an old engine they were able to make it look quite modern with all the nice lights, shadows and surfaces. Also the sound effects are surprisingly superb.

      Those are my thoughts for now as I'm about halfway through the game.

      P.S.: What's with Steam Greenlight? I think BM should've been on Steam from Day 1 since it was given the green light days before release. It was too much of a pain to get the game after release.


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        Black Mesa is in the hands of Valve right now. So it has to go through whatever process they need to carry out before it's added to Steam.

        Something else I found out is the fact that there is a version of the game with really high resolution textures, say 2048x2048 in size. This version, I'm told, has no plans to be released because it would be about 25GB in size, even after it appears on Steam, which is unfortunate.


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          All of that being said, thanks for the update Zips. I was curious what was going on. Also thanks to Crazy for the hard work.


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            It was most definitely Lulzsec