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TGN's Great Steam Coupon Exchange!

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  • TGN's Great Steam Coupon Exchange!

    With there being about a week remaining before all of those Steam holiday coupons expire, how's about we offer each other one last chance to trade, give, or win coupons?

    Simply post in here if you want something or have something to offer to the give away. This is an honor system, user powered giveaway. We at TGN assume zero responsibility for any ill-will or bad trades that take place.

    To start with, if anybody here would like any of my coupons, please let me know by posting below and I'll send it your way. First come, first serve!

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    Won't post a screen, but here's what I have:

    -33% Valve.
    -50% Section 8: Prejudice.
    -50% Portal 2.
    -50% F12011.
    I don't want anything in exchange, so let me know if you want one.


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      Re: TGN's Great Steam Coupon Exchange!

      -50% F12011

      or any Valve product for 50%=loving their products!


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        - 25% Valve
        - 50% STORM: Frontline Nation
        - 50% Men of War: Assault Squad
        - 50% Shadowgrounds Pack

        You can offer something in change if you want. Let me know.


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          I don't own any coupons but I own a "free game" gift, which is Portal Part One. So if anyone wants it, then just message me on Steam,


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            - 25% Valve
            - 50% Left 4 Dead 2
            - 75% Torchlight
            - 60% King Aurther Franchise
            -33% THQ-25% valve again
            -Free Day of Defeat


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              - 50% Valve


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                I am also offering -Two closed beta entries for the free to play Monday night combat that is being released this spring -25% valve -50% GTA San Andreas -33% Swords of the star II: Lords of Winter As i said, I do not need any of these so if you want it i can just give them to you :P


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                  Re: TGN's Great Steam Coupon Exchange!

                  I have two 50% off Valve coupons if anyone wants them
                  Battlelog/Origin ID - Hurricane043


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                    I've got just about everything on Steam that I want, actually. Here's my Wishlist: As far as what I have to trade, I don't have any coupons, just complete games. Half Life 2 Episode 1, Portal 1, Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (1), and a 'Steam Gift' which contains all of the following: HL2 Deathmatch, HL2 Lost Coast, HL Deathmatch: Source, HL2 Episode 1.