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ICJO Open Battle Day

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  • ICJO Open Battle Day

    International Conflict
    Joint Operations

    On Sunday, November 1st we would like to invite any TGN/TGL/MyIS tourney members to join us on our gteamspeak and in our Battleday server to help us stress test some of our Battlemaps and try to fill our 200 man server. We average 120 to 150 players and are trying to get as close to the 200 as possible to show MyIS our appreciation for a server this size on a 5+ year old game.

    Click through for full details!<!--more-->

    Anyone who may be interested, please, when joining our TS, feel free to have your nickname include tags that indicate your site affiliation.
    Example: TGN|Name so we will instantly recognize your affiliation to our sister site.

    When joining us, we can either place you onto the side with lower numbers and you would join the UN (admins) members in our channel, or we could place you within a units channels so you can play with the members of that army and enjoy the battle comms and gameplay. We have 4 unit styles that you would be available to participate in:
    Infantry, Infantry Airbourne, Armor corp, Air corp

    Our battledays start at 10am EST or 3pm GMT and run until 7pm EST or midnite GMT, feel free to jump on anytime during our battleday.

    Items you will need to be able to participate:

    Joint Operations : Typhoon Rising
    Joint Operations : Escalation

    check our site or jump on TS for sites for the following:

    ICJO 4.1.2 Full Installer
    ICJO 4.1.8 Patch update

    gTeamspeak :: IP address -

    See you in game!

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    Re: ICJO Open Battle Day link to the 4.18 patch since kirk didn't include it


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      Re: ICJO Open Battle Day

      Originally posted by [11AD]A|SSG.Nex link to the 4.18 patch since kirk didn't include it
      Thanks! Updated.