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  • Obsidian Spire
    Re: TGN Reviews Inkheart

    Movie games suck almost all the time.

    I hope Eldri didn't waste his money on this game and he was sent a copy to review.

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  • Spawndemon
    started a topic TGN Reviews Inkheart

    TGN Reviews Inkheart

    Our latest review here on Total Gaming Network has our staff writer eldri looking at Dreamcatcher Interactive's movie/book based game Inkheart. Here's the intro to the article:
    Inkheart, the novel, was originally published in 2003 and like every other popular young adult novel from the last decade, someone saw that Inkheart had not yet been made into a film. Before the onslaught of advertising containing the uncannily charming Brenden Frasier and his sad eyes began, I had never heard of the book.

    <img src="" alt="" border="0" />
    These lifelike portraits are a treat throughout

    To read the rest of this new review be sure to visit this page. Please feel free to leave any feedback you have on either the review or game itself.