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Editorial: No Rhyme or Reason

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  • Editorial: No Rhyme or Reason

    In the latest edition of the Total Gaming Network series From the Editors' Desks, Dairuka attempts to break down the barriers between the run-and-gun shootem' up crowd and the more whimsical musical gamers in his latest piece "No Rhyme or Reason." Can crossing the genre gap benefit the hardcore fps'er? Take a look:
    Many players out there have spent hours sitting back uncomfortably, watching helplessly as the digital representation of their character gets trounced time and time again in their favorite First Person Shooter. I know it can be a frustrating experience, but what can you do if it happens on a regular basis? Do you attempt to salvage your ego by shouting at the top of your lungs at every opportunity, calling everybody who beats you a cheater? Do you delve into the world of debauchery by joining the hundreds of other less savory individuals by downloading an unfair advantage to make up for your shortcomings?
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    --Dairuka is a long-time member of TGN who has time and time again proved his dedication to the community. Additionally, he has recently joined the staff as a Network Writer.

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    Re: No Rhyme or Reason

    Well it's an interesting idea, but I doubt its truth. I know plenty of people who are great at Rock Band/ Guitar Hero, but they suck at other games and vice versa. However, I have also seen some people who kick *** at both music games and regular games, so I guess I remain ambivalent about your blog. :hmm:

    Random semi-related thought: I like how real musicians can sometimes suck at rhythm-based games. The irony is fantastic.


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      Re: No Rhyme or Reason

      Hmmm... i don't think music games in particular aid you, but i think taking part in any activity that requires good reactions can help. This includes real life sports and stuff.


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        Re: No Rhyme or Reason

        We should have replies be here, or at the end of the article. I don't like the responses being split up.

        Anyway, I posted on the article that:

        I've played real guitar for about 10 years, and I got into music theory about 7 years ago and I can now play any Western music instrument. I write music also. I also own and play the Rock Band games and Guitar Hero. I used to play the guitar for those games b/c people knew I played the real guitar, but now I'm having fun with the singing and drumming. Those games are somewhat okay on your own, but at parties is where those games are a BLAST! And I know some real life musicians mock those games, but they can help people's rhythm.

        Dairuka, this is a great article, and I agree with your hypothesis. I used to play some other games to help my fps skills also. Just like with sports, you do a lot of training that is not necessarily directly used in the game itself. Certain activities are practiced to improve other attributes that will contribute to your overall performance.

        I know with my background in music, sports, and a variety of game genres, they have helped me to be a great fps gamer. Broaden yourself gamers! Not only will it help improve your skills in games, you will also have more fun because you have a game for whatever mood you are in when it comes time for some gameage.

        And for those that suck at fps, get in a clan which will help you immensely and do not be afraid to humble yourself and ask for some tips from a more experienced fps gamer. First hand knowledge is the best. :thumbsup: