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Don King Trying to Outdo Nintendo

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  • Don King Trying to Outdo Nintendo

    A new outlook in our From the Editors' Desks series, "Don King Trying To Outdo Nintendo" outlines the gaping flaws in Nintendo's original, revolutionary Wii Boxing game and how 2K sports plans to put the original to shame with their title Don King Boxing:

    The Wii is one of, if not the most, interesting concepts in gaming history. Interpreting body movements and representing them on a television screen sounds like a brilliant idea. On top of the original concept, Nintendo has done a great job of marketing their product, packaging it with Wii Sports. For those who have played Wii Sports, you know of the boxing mini-game which is included and how fun it can be.

    Unfortunately, it seems the fun of this little game wears off roughly a little faster than the vodka shots. Veterans of the Wii will go back to Wii Boxing and see how bland and basic it is. Simple animations, lack of depth, and very poor accuracy when trying to capture movements take all the fun out of this experience.
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    ----ThQp is one of the network's distinguished article writers, having been with and writing for the Total Gaming Network since its inception in 2007. ThQp enjoys playing with his Wii while not attending classes or writing for the Total Gaming Network. He currently resides in some nondescript cold location, Canada.

    Can Don King best Nintendo in the boxing ring?

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    Re: Don King Trying to Outdo Nintendo

    What about Atari's Ready 2 Rumble Revolution and EA Sport's Facebreaker K.O. Party?

    Facebreaker was released late in 2008 and R2R:R is going to be released in March.


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      Re: Don King Trying to Outdo Nintendo

      I don't see how Wii Boxing was revolutionary. I also don't know anyone who still plays Wii Sports unless someone asks about it during a party or something.

      Don King just wants to ride his boxing coat tails (If he still has any :P) and the Wii's extraordinary sales to massive, earth-shattering profit. If the game turns out decent, fine, but if not and he still makes a profit, well then he's a prick.

      I don't want more fu**ing cheap shovelware, so this guy can shove it somewhere else.


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