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TGN Podcast Episode #31 Released - The Social

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  • TGN Podcast Episode #31 Released - The Social

    The latest episode of the Total Gaming Network Podcast has been released today. Here's what this newest episode covers:
    Hey all - TGN Podcast Crew is proud to release Episode #31.

    We all paused for a moment to reflect upon the passing of an acting legend known for his rich, Corinthian leather, being the caretaker of a whole island of fantasies, and for making William Shatner scream the most hated word in Star Trek history. We salute the life and career of Ricardo Montalban and dedicate this podcast to him.

    So, on a happier note - lots to talk about this week. We had some interesting stuff going on in Steam world and apparently Nintendo is the best and most prolific producer of games, ever since they have the top 10 spots on the lists we talked about. Dre and Shane talk a little about our Windows 7 Beta experiences and we riff a little on the pros and cons of Twitter and social networking.

    All in all a good 'cast - won't you be so kind as to check us out?

    TGN Podcast #31: The Social

    00:01 - Intro
    03:50 - Major Left 4 Dead Update Released
    08:00 - Steam Update Adds In-game Web Browsing
    13:28 - Retail Sales of PC Games Drop 14% in 2008
    17:50 - Windows 7, Smooth as Butter
    23:30 - Wii Sports Is Now The Best Selling Game of All Time
    29:00 - 2008 NPD: Nintendo Sells Over 10 Million Wiis in US
    33:00 - Funcom Closes Over Half of the Age of Conan Servers
    39:25 - TGN Reviews Fallout 3
    40:19 - Video Game Companies On Twitter
    51:30 - Tritton Cup Officially Open - GOW2 Tournament
    56:20 - Outakes

    Be sure to listen to this podcast and stay tuned to the feed! Feel free to post your feedback in this thread. You can also post any suggestions or ideas for the podcast in this forum.

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    Re: TGN Podcast Episode #31 Released - The Social

    Aw missed this post, have to listen to this at some point 2mrow.