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Memorial Video for [MYIS]Jeff - help needed

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  • Memorial Video for [MYIS]Jeff - help needed


    I was asked to put together a memorial video in rememberance of [MYIS]Jeff. In with that, I am asking for help from the 21CW community.

    I plan a similar layout and approach as I did with the Makoto Memorial Video, for those who are not familiar with it:
    [media][/media]While it will be similar in many ways, it won't be the same. New elements have been added, and we wanted to up some of the details, to add to the overall vision.

    Game format: BF2, unmoded
    Map: Wake Isand Jeff (to be downloaded)
    Target Date: 29Nov08
    Target Time: 13:00 EST, shooting time is approx 2 hours*
    *if you come in late, please do not spawn in. When you can, report in like you would for battleday. While speaking over TS will not ruin a shot, spawning in can.

    The Teamspeak server for 21CW will be used, so one needs to register on 21CW forum to get TS logon info and password assignment.

    Pilots for fix-wing aircraft to fly missing man formation:
    • [21CW]Lee - lead pilot
    • [21CW]GuitarFreak - Missing Man movement
    • [21CW]Tazz
    • [Blue Entertainment]Masaca1
    • [Blue Entertainment]Lycosa

    Honor guard to fire 3 vollies for 21gun salute
    • [21CW]Hendrix
    • [21CW]Starbuck
    • [21CW]PiCKup
    • --
    • --
    • --
    • --

    TA/MYIS staff ~5-10 slots
    (Crazzzy and/or DWillis to give speach of rememberance)
    • [MYIS]Crazzzy
    • 21CW [IC]DWillis
    • [MYIS]Airborne
    • [MYIS]Dan
    • 21CW (TC)Snipe
    • 21CW [TA]BigBoy
    • WaW [TA]AvroJet
    • --
    • --
    • --

    ~40+ slots for the two armies on the island airfield in formation for their respective sides, with their HCO staff infront. (I know some of you, this is tenative, I just would like to note those who have spoken up)
    [21CW]Dark-Knight, [21CW]RebelWarrior, [21CW]Emma, [21CW]TehReaper0, [21CW]Lethaliss, [21CW]XnoiZ, [21CW]Steve, [21CW]Colinloves, [21CW]Upkilla, [WaW]Lainer, [WaW]Buzz Adams, [WaW]TheOnlyLars, [WaW]Stubbfan, [WaW]pvtgmerpyleusmc, [21CW]Warhol, [21CW]Obi, [WaW]Azreal, [WaW]Fransiscus, [21CW]Marine, [21CW]Wargasm

    thank you for signing up.

    Pickup has been doing a fantastic job with the map; The design team of Forgotten Hope 2 have given us permission for us to use their British 6-pounder as our artillary.

    Speaking of pic's, any photo's, as well as any information to be displayed about Jeff, i.e. with Makato we mentioned the DC and 21CW campaigns he was in, his date of birth and when he passed away.

    We need people to show up for the video shoot. Jeff was a major part of what we know as MYIS, and we should have a large turnout.

    We believe 2 hours is nothing compared to the amount of hours eveyone enjoys gaming in TGN/MYIS tournaments

    However, to that, we need everyone to behave, no ard-tarding about - all that does is eat up everyone's time and make it tougher on us all.

    Shot sequences:

    1 - carrier: The take off
    - 5 "crew chiefs" at each a/c, soldiers lined up along sides of carrier
    - pilots march to each a/c,
    - crew chiefs proceed to a point away from a/c
    - first a/c takes off, then each other a/c taxi to position and then take off

    2 - carrier: The Recovery
    - move some people to helicopters on forward deck, a few others scattered about on walkways and railings
    - F18's begin landing on carrier, during this, the helicopters start up
    as last F18 lands, the helicopters leave toward island

    3 - island airfield: The formation
    - MYIS staff on podium facing airfield
    - Army HCO's and soldiers on runway in marked off area, facing podium
    - honor guard at artillary
    - 1 forward observer on beach
    - when aircraft appproach island, forward observer gives in-game command 'yes', the artty fires
    - during this time, the aircraft fly over formation, as a/c go feet-dry, the missing-man peels off, hits flares and after-burner

    4 - island airfield: the dismissal
    - Blackhawks leave carrier (taking over from scene shot earlier)
    - Chinese soldiers march toward helicopters on field
    - Chinese helicopters leave, US Blackhawks land, US troops embark
    - MYIS staff head toward transport vehicles
    - Honor Guard head toward ground transport vehicles

    The purpose of the dismissal and recovery scenes are to have some "eye candy" during the credits, like I did w/ the Makoto video.

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    Re: Memorial Video for [MYIS]Jeff - help needed

    Add me to the MyIS list :salute: I will reinstall BF2 for this.