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  • TGN Previews Pyroblazer

    We at the Total Gaming Network have recently had the opportunity to preview a new build of Pyroblazer. Check it out:
    It has been a few months since the last build of Pyroblazer was sent our way. While a few aspects need to be handed over to the pit crew, just about every aspect of this futuristic racer is destined for the finish line. This new version, armed with a few goodies, gives a nice idea of where the title sits in production and details where some improvement could be made.

    The most noticeable aspect of this build is the quality of work from both the visual and audio departments, this is not necessarily a good thing. As a whole the game looks a little out-dated. At times an animation will pop-up that looks very nice while at other times a texture will have you wondering if it belongs on a Nintendo 64. A little more attention to detail could do the visuals a huge favor. On the other hand the audio is fantastic. For a fast-paced game nothing can ruin the mood like a boring soundtrack - this is not the case in Pyroblazer. Packed with up-beat, techno tunes, you will definitely be satisfied. The sound effects from weapons being fired, Blazers bumping metal, and even the sounds of accelerating your Blazer are wonderful.

    You can read the full preview here.

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    Re: TGN Previews Pyroblazer

    Forgive me, but I did not understand the Mario Kart reference completely. When you hit the wall in Mario Kart your vehicle slows at least partially depending on how the player struck the wall. Realistically speaking, the contact with the wall will result in added friction opposing forward motion while the amount of material touching the wall will change the speed possible. So, if a vehicle barely scrapes a wall, it could technically go on at relatively high speeds. Could please elucidate upon what you meant?