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Total Gaming Network's Review of Dead Space

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    Re: Total Gaming Network's Review of Dead Space

    resident evil 4 in space!!!11!
    i like that!!!


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      Re: Total Gaming Network's Review of Dead Space

      i wouldn't compare it to RE4

      moreso RE1 where the dogs jumped in the windows and scared the pants off of me .....
      or Doom3 where you here the footsteps above your head

      all 3 RE1 D3 and Deadspace made the haor on my arms stand up

      i also do not agree with the rating....... still all in all ..... an awesome purchase IMHO :salute:

      p.s ...... they weren't military purchases........ a plasma cutter is a tool that is USED as a weapon silly


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        Re: Total Gaming Network's Review of Dead Space

        Originally posted by Manzi View Post
        No, reviews give you the fine details on what makes it good and bad. We only tell a brief description of the opening story as to not ruin it for you. We give positive and negative points in all areas of the game but never tell you what you should or shouldnt do when playing. It's just a "review" of the game and it's aspects.

        Reviews and previews act as a supplement to those who are curious about the game and are not sure if they want to buy/rent the game for themselves so they go and hear what others have to say.

        It's just like if your friend comes and tells you. "OMG Man this game is crazy you need to get it now, I blew off this things arm and it kept coming oh man this is cool"

        A review is pretty much the same, just gives a more formal approach.

        So we highly recommend you read all the way through it.
        I did before I posted and I agree that what you said is a review and ...Ahhh forget it. It was a good review and it is what its suppose to be.

        People whine too much. Get the game/demo and try it out for yourself.

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