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TGN Podcast Episode #21 Released

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  • TGN Podcast Episode #21 Released

    The latest episode of the Total Gaming Network Podcast has been released today. Here's what this newest episode covers:
    Well, you asked for it and we delivered it !! The first (and probably last) ALL RAW podcast.

    You get to hear the seedy underbelly that Delta1 usually edits out - all the burps, farts, coughs, and untimely remarks left right on the page for all to hear.

    Hope you enjoy it - we may do another one in the near future (especially since Delta1 doesn't have to do any work to get it out there).

    TGN Podcast #21: RAW

    10:33 - Still loving EA NHL09
    18:30 - Crysis Warhead Review
    25:25 - Play Crysis for Free Weekend
    27:20 - Steam Begins Offering User Created Mods
    29:00 - Tiberium Cancelled
    30:55 - Age of Conan Udergoes Server Merge
    37:00 - Limited DRM for Fallout 3
    39:00 - Rock Band 2 and GH4

    Be sure to listen to this podcast and stay tuned to the feed! Feel free to post your feedback in this thread. You can also post any suggestions or ideas for the podcast in this forum.

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    Re: TGN Podcast Episode #21 Released

    All raw and still sitting at 54 minutes. How do they do it!

    E - So wait, that NY Times article doesn't show up for everyone... or anyone? Huh. No login or anything here, it worked just by clicking on it from the source I got it from originally, which I think was Kotaku. Kotaku linked to NY Times... so uh yeah. Blame Kotaku! Yeah, that sounds about right.