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World at War Launches Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign

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  • World at War Launches Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign

    Listen up folks, we have been sent some information today from the guys over at the World at War, a MyInternetServices tournament, about their move over to the recently released Forgotten Hope 2. Take a look:
    World at War (WaW) has said its farewells to FH and has made the full move over to FH2. After over 5 years of Battlefield 1942 gameplay, Campaign 15 is ready to kick off on an entirely new level. WaW puts players in the seat of a real division and full simulated war, complete with commanding officers, strategies and companies. The new campaign pits the British forces against the German and Italian forces in a fight for the control of Africa.

    Many great features are included in World at War's 15th Campaign:

    ● Entirely new gameplay on the recently released mod Forgotten Hope 2.
    ● Battles involving 64 players in 32 vs 32 player battles.
    ● Teamwork and advanced tactics in 12 hour battles involving hundreds of players across the world.
    ● Organized squads of up to 6 players in a structured command situation.
    ● Earn medals and awards that reflect your skill and dedication on the battlefield.
    ● Rise through the ranks to eventually achieve full command of a squad, company or division.

    Be sure to check out their site by clicking here.