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  • has all your World in Conflict needs covered. LLC would like to inform you about World in Conflict.

    World in Conflict is a RTS based game set in 1989 where the Soviet Union invades the United States, but this is unlike any RTS every made. What makes this game so special is the attention to detail Massive Entertainment has put into unit models, maps and weapons effects and with an in game camera like an FPS. World in Conflict server deals:
    Rent a World in Conflict server from for $2.25 a slot with server locations available in Virginia, New York, Texas, California, St. Louis, Chicago and the United Kingdom.

    If you would like to have more than one server the best route to take would be to rent a dedicated server. We offer the availability of renting your own dedicated server and by doing this you have the option of adding many games of your choice to your server. By renting a dedicated server you save money by having multiple games and only having to pay one discounted amount instead of multiple charges for separate game servers.

    Renting a server from includes the best support of any game server provider available. We offer quick efficient contact through instant messages, support ticket system, email and phone.

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    I love this game!