It looks like the embargo on reviews for Mass Effect: Andromeda lifted earlier tonight. Both OpenCritic and Metacritic have their initial scores already in from a variety of outlets. At present, OpenCritic has Andromeda sitting at an average score of 75%. This is across all platforms.

Metacritic has the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Andromeda at 73% while the Xbox One version somehow edges out an additional 3% to (currently) give it an average score of 76%.

In general, it looks like a bulk of the praise focuses on the game's fast-paced and more customizable combat, the added mobility that the jump-jet adds, the sound design, voice acting, and some key moments that reach the same heights as moments in the original trilogy. Crafting seemed to be an overall positive for reviewers despite it being a near totally optional mechanic.

The negative seems to center around the game's lack of polish (example being some broken animations, lacking facial animations, and general glitches). Many reviewers say that the game felt rushed and that a lot of the systems in place were better suited for the previous generation of games. Some were disappointed that they were unable to customize their AI companion's loadouts (you can upgrade their powers, but you cannot select their weapons or armor). You also cannot control when your AI companions pop their special abilities, a feature that many enjoyed from the previous franchise as it led to a number of devastating power combos. Some also took issue with the story and dialogue that they felt were largely lacking. It also seems as though the console versions suffer from some poor performance at times.

A few outlets decided not to assign a score just yet as they are waiting to see how the game's multiplayer component in a public environment. However, most that did touch upon the multiplayer said they enjoyed it. Fans of the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 will probably like Andromeda's multiplayer. It plays similarly but was faster paced and with more verticality due to the use of jump-jets. A sore spot for the multiplayer seems to come from its reliance on peer-to-peer for its networking.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated to be released in about 19 hours, or on March 21 at midnight (ET).