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Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 Footage, Including HitRECord Announcement

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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 Footage, Including HitRECord Announcement

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Jade
    This E3, Ubisoft showed off a fair bit more Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage. In addition, Ubisoft announced a partnership with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's creative platform called HitRECord. This partnership invites artists to create art, designs, radio ads, and even music that could be used in Beyond Good & Evil 2. Those items that are selected will be paid and credited for their work. If your work isn't accepted, you retain the rights to it. As it stands, HitRECord has $50,000 allocated to pay towards any contributors who have their work end up in the game.

    A number of people have complained about how this is nothing more than the dreaded "spec work." Spec work being a bad thing because a number of artists see it as "we'll pay you in exposure" or just getting people to do work for you for cheaper than just hiring employees to do it. Typically the largest complaints with spec work is not getting paid for the work or losing the rights to the work you did if it's not selected for use in the final project, both of which seem like non-issues with HitRECord. Regardless, people are still upset, but I don't get it.

    Anyway, let's get on to some of that new footage from E3, yeah?