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Zombies Invade Rainbow Six Siege Today with Operation Chimera

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  • Zombies Invade Rainbow Six Siege Today with Operation Chimera

    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera
    Operation Chimera for Rainbow Six Siege is out now. This new content update includes two new Operators (Finka and Lion), new gadgets, and more. This update also includes a limited-time co-op event that pits three players against waves of deadly enemies. These enemies are "mutated by an alien parasite" and it's up to you to try to discover the truth behind the infestation.

    Alright, so they're not technically "zombies" but it's close.
    The Operation Chimera Operators are available now for Year 3 Season Pass holders, and in seven days, they will become available for purchase in-game using Renown or R6 Credits. Outbreak is available for free to all Siege owners from March 6 to April 3.

    This marks the beginning of Year 3 for Rainbow Six Siege, a year which will bring more new Operators, maps, and game updates. Going forward, players who own or purchase the Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete editions of the game will no longer have to pay Renown to unlock attachments or any of the original 20 Operators. Additionally, players who purchase the PC-only Starter Edition will get more Operators unlocked from the get-go, with a total of six Operators (randomly unlocked from a selection of 10) instead of four.