Nintendo showed off a wealth of new footage earlier this evening for Super Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Direct featured over seven minutes of new gameplay and story details related to the game. Take a look at that alongside some too hot for TV images of a shirtless Mario.

Apparently that's a big thing.

Though I must admit, finding out that he waxes did come as a shock.

The reason why one of the images is vertical? Well, you can take photos in a new photo mode for Super Mario Odyssey. One of the features in it allows you to rotate the image around to get the perfect shot to have a new cellphone background. Look for Super Mario Odyssey to be released on October 27. Also keep an eye out for the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle also releasing on the same day. It includes the Switch console, a digital copy of Odyssey, Mario Joycons, and a Switch carrying case. This bundle will go for $379.99 (USD).