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John Carmack's Hard Drive May Have Proof Oculus Lied in Lawsuit Case with Zenimax

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  • John Carmack's Hard Drive May Have Proof Oculus Lied in Lawsuit Case with Zenimax

    Back in May of 2014, we brought you word about a lawsuit filed by ZeniMax against Oculus VR. In short, the lawsuit claims that John Carmack and others stole virtual reality technologies created while employed by ZeniMax. Those stolen technologies were then used at their new job with Oculus VR. Oculus denied the charges saying that ZeniMax was looking for a "quick payout" following their acquisition by Facebook.

    Cut to the present day when we have our first substantial update to the case.

    According to updates provided by Polygon, Oculus VR may have lied under oath and presented factually inaccurate reports as part of their defense against ZeniMax Media.

    On Thursday, a court-appointed computer forensic expert was ordered to provide their findings to ZeniMax. The expert said that they have found evidence on John Carmack's computer showing that "statements and representations that have been sworn to and are before the court are factually inaccurate."

    On top of this, the judge has ordered Oculus to release all of their redacted communications with Carmack from April 2014 when Carmack's drive was taken to be examined. Oculus VR has two weeks to comply with this request.

    A separate motion by the court says that Samsung has three weeks to give details to ZeniMax about the work between Samsung and Oculus to create the Samsung Gear VR. Samsung Gear VR being a VR headset for mobile phones that makes use of Oculus software.

    The full update on the lawsuit can be read via Scribd, courtesy of Polygon's Brian Crecente. If you would also like to read about the separate motion filed against Samsung, you can do so here.