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Titanfall 2 to Utilize Azure, Amazon, and Google for Servers

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  • Titanfall 2 to Utilize Azure, Amazon, and Google for Servers

    According to details pulled from the Titanfall 2 technical test page, the game will utilize more than just Azure for their server solution. This time, Respawn and EA are partnering with Azure, Amazon, Google, and more for their servers.
    We learned so much on Titanfall, and we poured those lessons into Titanfall 2. We have created a whole new matchmaking system - one that is constantly searching for better matches for you. We are going to be introducing a new feature called Networks, which is going to change the way you party up and play matches with friends. We are using a brand new system for running our massive army of dedicated servers all over the world. We have new gameplay mechanics, all new titans, new maps, new game modes, and a whole new progression system. Everyone here at Respawn has put in so much of themselves into this game, and as you can probably imagine, we're all really nervous and excited to get the game into your hands. We just can't wait until October 28 when the game launches.

    Further clarification was made by DKo5, a Respawn employee, on the NeoGAF forums.
    For completeness sake - we're actually going to be on multiple clouds; Azure, Amazon, and Google - along with "bare metal"