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Last Month Ubisoft Banned Over 30,000 Accounts in The Division

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  • Last Month Ubisoft Banned Over 30,000 Accounts in The Division

    This past month, Ubisoft finally busted out the bigger hammers when it comes to banning exploiters and cheaters in Tom Clancy's The Division.
    We recently shed some light on our online architecture in a special Podcast. While some of the game decisions are made client-side, there are constant server checks in place. This ensures that even in the situation where a player would be able to modify his client data, the servers can detect it. The array of these checks has constantly improved since the launch of the game which allowed us to catch a great amount of cheaters. Of course, this doesn’t mean that cheating is a thing of the past and we stand ready to react quickly, should new cheats be developed.

    As a direct result of this improved cheat detection, last month we announced “the biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date”. This marked the beginning of an intensive campaign during which actions were taken against a total of over 30,000 accounts, including 3,800 permanent bans. This led to a significantly improved experience, particularly in the Dark Zone.

    The team also admits that their 14 day suspensions for first offensives were not enough of a deterrence to cheating. As a result, they will now start to apply permanent fans on first offenses for those that are caught using cheat engines. They also said that they will start to communicate when new ban waves have taken place.