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Steam Workshop Integration Added to Killing Floor 2

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  • Steam Workshop Integration Added to Killing Floor 2

    Today's Killing Floor 2 update adds in full Steam Workshop integration allowing users to download user created maps and mods from one location.
    "We now have our dream modding functionality for Killing Floor 2, a functionality which very few games have. Game servers can now subscribe to user generated content that community modders and mappers have made and submitted to Steam Workshop, and the servers will auto update when the modders update their content,” said Tripwire President John Gibson. “Players that connect to these servers will automatically download the latest versions of those mods and maps from Steam Workshop when they connect to the game server running the user generated content. It's a complete circle that makes it so much easier for modders to get their content in the hands of players, and for players to enjoy all the amazing user generated content for the game."

    As these items are now on the Steam Workshop, any updates the authors make to their content will translate to automatic updates for you. Check out the Steam Workshop Killing Floor 2 content here.