DICE and EA have put up a new poll that asks you to help pick a map concept you find most appealing out of three potential choices.
Based on your input, we’ve put together 3 map concepts in which we'll combine the high level framework, setting (jungle), and several of the top voted for Points of Interests. We now want you to decide on which of these concepts you think we should pursue and take into production!

Without further ado, here are your three options:
China rallies to stop insurgents transporting weapons and supplies through the Burmese jungle river networks. US moves in to protect their interests.

With the Chinese-American war nearly at an end, some of China’s allies have remained reluctant to turn over NATO POWs to their home countries. US are forced to react.

Indonesian radicals have developed a new strain of virus for chemical warfare. A conflict flares up over access to samples and research data.

You can vote on your favorite concept by heading on over to this specific survey. You can also check out the results of the previous survey here.