That's the general feeling issued by Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson in a recent Tweet. According to Hutchinson, if you cannot see an FOV slider in your PC version of Far Cry 4, you probably pirated the game!

There's just one problem with this. If you didn't update the game at release, you may also not have the FOV slider in your options either. So yes, it is entirely possible to be a legitimate owner of the game and not see the FOV slider if you never connected to grab the update.

I wouldn't really recommend messing with the FOV in this game, however. It's not globally implemented. For instance, when you open doors or come out of cutscenes, there is a very noticeable "zooming" effect while the game adjusts from the default FOV to the higher one you set. It actually looks a lot like the dolly zoom effect from a variety of movies. You know the one. It's where the camera is pulled back while zooming in to make a hallway appear to elongate. It's very disorienting in this game.