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Front Page Sports Football is Out Now on PC

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  • Front Page Sports Football is Out Now on PC

    A new management title, Front Page Sports Football from Cyanide Studio is out now for the PC.

    "The Front Page Sports Football series set the bar for sports sims," said Regis Robin, Lead Game Designer. "We wanted to capture what made the original so amazing, but we also didn't want this to be a remake or an upgrade. We wanted to start fresh. It's easy for a sim to get too bogged down in spreadsheets of stats, or to focus on gimmicks over depth. Front Page Sports Football was made to be accessible to newcomers, but it also contains layers of strategy encompassing entire seasons down to single player attributes for diehard fans."

    Recruit, train, and coach your players to compete against 32 other teams in Pro League on your way to the bowl. Being an effective coach is about developing the right skills for each player, strategizing for the games and seasons ahead, planning for the unexpected, and knowing when to push your players to the limit.

    Front Page Sports Football is a strategic football sim featuring fully customizable Gameplans drawing from over 2,300 plays. As the manager and coach, it's up to you to scout and draft new talent, analyze your opponents' weaknesses, and develop your players' skillsets on the road to victory.

    Key Features:
    - Manage your team through multiple seasons.
    - Customizable Gameplans with over 2,300 plays.
    - Coach your team in real-time to adjust strategies.
    - 20+ player statistics that influence performance.
    - Scout and draft new players, or recruit from opposing teams.
    - 2D and 3D game replays for analysis and preparation.
    - Set training regimens and manage injured players.