The prize pool for The International Dota 2 tournament has surpassed $6 million thanks to the sale of The Compendium. It has already smashed previous records but this train isn't yet ready to come to a rest just yet.

Valve has added nine additional stretch goals, up to $10 million for the 22nd reward. Base Customization was the $6 million goal that was met a short time ago. At $6.8 million, a Daily Hero Challenge will be added. The $8.8 million goal will be a live broadcast of The International afterparty with Darude (where he will play nothing but Sandstorm). The $10 million goal will add a victory prediction taunt.

If the prize pool somehow surpasses $10 million? Well, who the hell knows. This has already gone well beyond the usual prize pools for these types of tournaments. It's absolutely huge and it only continues to grow.