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Launch Trailer for Sev Zero for Fire TV

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  • Launch Trailer for Sev Zero for Fire TV

    Sev Zero is a new game from Amazon Game Studios that combines fast-action shooter mayhem with tower defense-style strategic base building. Wield an expansive arsenal of firepower across 15 levels to hold off the alien onslaught that's threatening you and the entire planet. In Sev Zero, players can jump between environments -- start in tower defense mode to build out towers and assess the surroundings, then beam down to shooter mode for face-to-face combat.

    Sev Zero is a new release from Amazon Game Studios. This is the game that is included for free with the purchase of the Amazon Fire TV controller and is exclusive to that platform. You can find out more at the Sev Zero website (which currently just takes you to the Amazon page listing for the game).