King, the development studio behind Candy Crush Saga didn't feel as though they already won the "Biggest Jackass Developer" award yet by their move to trademark the word "candy." No, instead they now also going after games that have the word "saga" in their name.

Their first major target is The Banner Saga, which is a newly released "Viking-themed tactical RPG." You know, a game that is nothing like Candy Crush. However, since common sense isn't King's strong point, they sent a "Notice of Opposition" to Banner Saga developer, Stoic.

Oh yeah, I can totally see how consumers would be super confused between The Banner Saga (pictured at top) and Candy Crush Saga (pictured below).

This is seriously the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Congratulations, King, your company is now the best at being the worst. I sure can't wait for these idiots to go after Crush for using the word "crush" in their name and for somehow causing confusion with their fanbase.