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Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says 'If All You Want is Gaming, You'll Still Pick Us''

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  • Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says 'If All You Want is Gaming, You'll Still Pick Us''

    I have to imagine there's a team of public relations people sitting around a Microsoft office just curled up in the fetal position after the terrible things said by Microsoft executives this week. The latest coming from Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer, the company's Corporate VP.

    In speaking with OXM UK before the public reveal of the Xbox One last week, he said some things that will probably tick you off. Go figure.
    "We believe that if all you want is gaming, you'll still pick us, at the end of the day.

    "The super core guys, they will buy everything. They will buy all devices, but most people really only do buy one device, and if you're going to think about what that one device is, we believe an all-in-one system that does the best games and TV and entertainment will be something that's really unique."

    Well, Microsoft seems really damn complacent and incredibly arrogant. I'm sure that won't bite them in the ass or anything.

    By the way Microsoft, all I want is gaming and guess what? The Xbox One is third on the list of potential consoles in my future, behind even the Wii U. Tune in later this week to see what other stupid things pop up concerning Microsoft or the Xbox One.

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    To be fair, the staff in the PR department were only in the fetal position after a lengthly bout of drinking the moment they saw Mr. Spencer out on stage wearing two watches (one worn inward even) and thinking it was cool to do so. And who the bloody freaking Hellish **** says "super core?" Is he seriously that out of touch with his targetted audiences? Somebody get him a focus group or something and teach him our language for the love of all that's good and Holy!


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      The Xbone might be the all in one system we're all being told we want, but right now all we know is it does TV and watches you with the worlds highest definition spy camera... also doesn't play Xbox 360 games... also ruins the 2nd hand market and gifting of games be it for charity or little nephews.


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        Technically it's a peripheral of a peripheral for your TV. The Xbox One's TV features are basically non-existent unless you connect it to a set-top box through HDMI passthrough (I assume that's because the console itself doesn't take in cable/satellite). And even then, it's only useful in the U.S. at launch, so I suppose the rest of the world could wait a few months before buying the console, because it's currently gimped for anybody who isn't living in 'MERICA!


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          The thing is a lot of people are getting rid of their cable here and using Netflix, HULU and such to watch shows.


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            Aren't a lot of TV makers already starting to incorporate a lot of Network capabilities and features already. If i purchase a TV that already has Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc... and comes with USB Ports for a keyboard and mouse, what is the advantage of adding another Device that duplicates the same things with the addition of Gaming and a Camera?
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