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Counter-Strike Again Under Media Scrutiny After User Creates Map Modeled After a Canadian High School

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  • Counter-Strike Again Under Media Scrutiny After User Creates Map Modeled After a Canadian High School

    It's been a while since we had one of these stories. The teachers and administration of Port Moody Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada are "alarmed" at the digital reproduction of their school that a player created for Counter-Strike.

    One of the creators of the map, who chose to remain anonymous, responded to the criticisms.
    "Let us start by saying Port Moody Secondary is a great school. Rest assured there is no malicious intent behind this production to any actual school property, nor any actual persons associated with the school.

    "Additionally, people should realize this is simply a game. No physical harm comes from it. Guns in reality are generally lethal weapons. Guns in a videogame can't hurt anyone.

    "There are no students being killed. The gameplay is the same as all counter strike games, where you have two teams fighting against each other, much like most other shooters which use public settings as game environments."

    Naturally, a bunch of [del]over reacting idiots[/del] residents of Port Moody told the CBC that they were "outraged and upset." One such person outraged by this was Alex Devlin, a phys ed teacher at the school.

    Yes, devastating seeing a virtual (IE: not real) depiction of a fictional scenario taking place in an environment you're familiar with. I wonder if this same kind of crap happens with every game set during World War II and all of those real life locations where actual events really did happen. Or all of those fictional games, films, books set in places like New York, Chicago, Tokyo and the list could easily go on.

    The police in Port Moody said that they were notified about the virtual recreation of the school and said, "although the creation of such a video game is likely ill-conceived in the current climate, it does not constitute an offense." They also said that the creator of the map does not "pose a danger to the staff or students" of the school.

    If you really want to be annoyed, feel free to sort the CBC article's comments by "highest rated" and then jump to the last few pages of comments. Shame on the CBC for this level of sensationalist reporting garbage.

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    Damn, here I was wanting to do a recreation of my highschool layout (Not because I have anything against anyone at highschool, its because its layout was fucking awesome). If I ever managed to, I would call it "Complex" or something like that. Not identify it as a school.


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      I've already started on mine (music classroom in HL1 for TDM/DM) and have been on and off for years. $#!+... That means on the day that I finish, I can't release it online. I'll have to share it with my former teacher (had his blessing back when I pitched the idea) by E-mail or something then. I had hoped I could produce a video for YouTube so the people who knew about it would be able to preview before reinstalling HL1, but if it gives me public media attention like a vandalist/terrorist then forget it. Maybe I'll bundle the BSP with a WMV video in a ZIP file. Sigh, sometimes modern society makes it difficult to have fun.


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        Why is the game under scrutiny and not the student? Oh, that's right, because they don't know who it is.

        Fortunately it is Canada and they already confiscated all the dangerous weapons there so there shouldn't be much of an issue.
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